We're back from Liverpool. We had a good time but it was weird. I really panicked a few times. Really I don't know why, but I got through it ok.

And there were a lot of complaints about one of the girls, and it made me see her differently. I hate that I'm so easily effected by what other people say about people.

And I know people were talking about me behind my back. I know that I'm not how you want me to be. And I know that I can't give you the reason to my behavior in some situations, but it's just because I know that you wouldn't understand. I like you, but you're no different from everybody else and I'm so sick of everyone always telling me the same thing: That I'm wrong, ridiculous and that I should stop feeling so sorry for myself.

I just can't take those comments, they're always echoing in my head anyway, I don't need to hear them from you as well. I just don't.



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