National Tests

I met my English teacher this morning. I had to talk to her about missing the National Test on Friday. Have I forgot to tell you I'm going to Carlskrona on a competition? But she told me that she'd read my essay I wrote this Monday. She said it was very good. It made me so happy cause it felt good when I wrote it and the worst thing is when it feels good but you get a bad result. So I was in a good mood for a while.

Then I had the first part of the tests in German. This was reading. I think it was kind of hard, but falling asleep doesn't exactly make it easier. Yes, you hear me, I fell asleep! During a test! Well, well. At the end I got some energy back and I think I was able to complete the test like I would have without sleeping.

I really want to get a good grade in German, but my teacher is really hard and it's not at all easy. But I'm worried about math. Cause I really don't think I've understood enough to get a VG. Which is the result I want to reach. I'm fine with a VG, when did this happen? No, I'm just kidding.

Well, I'm kind of hungry so I guess I'll go eat some more white bread and fool my stomach that I've given it some energy and something to feed from. I have to eat better.


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