Today was not so hard. We started out with our National Exams in math. It was supposed to take four hours but it only took us about two, so we went home to A's house. Then we went back to school to eat and to have English, where I did my oral National Exams. It went well but really I didn't say much. Afterwards I was supposed to go home but I ended up going back to A with A and J. We also bought some soda and chocolate on the way there. And we watched a movie, it was supposed to be scary but it was only disgusting. And I also found out that I had practice, and I had no one to give me a ride. I called everyone I could think of, but no. Well, I hurried home and ran around like crazy trying to find clothes and get my clubs ready. And then I rushed down to the train and from the station I walked across the golf course and that was it!

I didn't have the guts to confront our coaches about anything of what I complain about. I'm such a coward.


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