online games are dangerous

Oops, I happened to play Tetrollapse for 45 minutes... I didn't mean to! =S


It took me forever to sign in here so now I forgot what I wanted to say ^^

No, I'm just kidding but it seriously took forever! Well, I actually baked some bread today (proud, hehe). It was nice. So I ate my bread and drank some tea and it was nice. And while I was waiting for the bread to finish I did some studying.

I really had a long day but sometimes it feels good to be busy and just keep going instead of spending hours doing nothing. So I'll try to study and cook a lot more. And I need to get my license soon! I really need it, especially since my sister's moving to England soon. 


thank you <3

Nothing is better than the sweetest words when you're feeling like this. Got a text saying: "I love you. More than everything. Kiss". It makes everything so much easier. And some ice cream on top of that isn't so bad either. Hehe. I think I'll watch a movie before going to bed. Since internet is out I have to take one that I have saved, Harry Potter? I guess. Have a good night!

say what?

No internet, no TV. What to do?

sleep deprived

Sitting here with my breakfast. I was going to watch TV but my parents did a great job painting the house yesterday so they somehow broke it... It's 9:25 and I'm SOOOOO tired. I went to bed at 2:30. I can't deal with it anymore, I have to find a solution to this problem... Tonight I know someone who's going to bed at ten!!!

Well, have a great day today everyone!

arabic courses?

Okay, so I had some news... Well, it was just that I wanted to take some class to learn Tunisian arabic. But it turns out it wasn't as easy as I first thought. I've looked around a bit but it doesn't seem to be anything of value. I didn't really want to get a tutor, but maybe it's my only otion? No, then I'll do it another way.

Well, well. We'll see how things evolve from here. Right now I just feel overwhelmed with school. So much to do!!!


I agreed to play Canasta with my family, you know, a card game? I don't really want to but being on my best behavior I do the things they want me to do... So I'll better get down and see what I can do to help with the preparations and I want to get a soda from the basement too.

Talk to you later, I have an idea I'd like to tell you about.

I want back

To come back home after being in another country isn't often that good. I was glad to be home for about two days, cause I was sick, but now I just want to go back. But maybe there's more than just the sun and the nature? What the hell do I mean : "?". Of course there is!!!! Oh god, I miss him so much. ya rabb....


Really I think I look SO ugly in this picture, and your hair is a mess - but anyway...


I went to the docor, he wasn't really a doctor but once again my English is falling flat ^^

I got some massage and he cracked my neck and my back etcetera. I'm going back on Wednesday. He said we might need to exray my back but... I don't know. I'm not really worried.


I'm going to the doctor soon. I just need to eat some breakfast before I leave so I'm in a little bit of a hurry...

Oh, how I want to go back :´(


I'm exhausted after just two days of school. Feels like it's going to be a good term, right? Note that I'm being very sarcastic.

I'm going to some doctor tomorrow. I need to have someone look at my back, it's been killing me. I've been having some problems throughout the summer, but last week it got way worse! One time I simply couldn't move. It was horrible. And yesterday it was bad too, today it feels better but I still need to do something about it.

So, we'll see how it goes!

I'm back

I can't believe I went! But I did and now I'm back home. School tomorrow. I don't really want to and I start with golf in the morning. Not so nice...

I had a great time and right now I'm unpacking.. When I'm done with that (it might take a while since I'm actually sitting by the computer, obviously ^^) I'll upload the pictures I took. I think we got some nice ones =)

stressy :)

It's been about an hour now, and I haven't really done much with my stuff. I'm loading my iPod, I've fixed my self (meaning I've been doing some hair removal, hehe).

And in an hour or so I have to go away to play golf, so I have to get ready for that too. It's a stressful life I'm living ^^. Not really but it always seems as though every time I have something to do it collides with other things I have to do! Always! It's insane.

I'll see you tonight, I think!

I believe

I don't really have time to sit by the computer and do what I do now, which is writing here and a few minutes ago I played Tetrollapse (addicted).

I really should be getting my stuff together (literally that is). I have started a little, but it feels very surreal... And I have to print something, I better go do it now.... Hold on... Damn, my mother just got home. Which means I can't do it right now... And I don't have a printer connected to my computer so... I hope she won't be here too long.. 

A lot of dots in this input. I'll keep you updated, I think.

OMG!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (this is how I feel)

black dress

I happened to buy a dress today. And I was just going with my sister to buy something for dinner! Well, well. I really need to control my shopping need. I always buy stuff that I like and yeah, I use it. But I forget to buy basics and such, cause it's not as fun to spend money on. Haha. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't really look good on camera so... And how I always end up buying black! I don't know why it's always the black ones that looks best.. Hm, I try to buy more colors but....

Anyway, A and J might come, but I have a feeling they won't, since they ditched me yesterday. Bye!


I'm going for a walk. I need to go down to the train station and look at the time table (note that I'm going to look when the bus leaves ^^)
   I figured I might as well bring the dog when I'm going, even if it means I'll have to go a bit longer than I would like too. Who knows, maybe I'll feel better about the dinner if I go.

(I'm really sorry, but I just realized how extremely eating disorder risk I sound like. I swear to god, wallah, that I'm not)


ramadan - speaking of eating

I feel so extremely full. And still I don't think I ate too much. I guess I shrunk my stomach after all... There's RAMADAN soon. I don't really know how I think about that, but I accept the Muslim beliefs and respect it. So good luck with it...

3000 for nothing

I let you down big time last week, but in my attempts to make it right i did this. I asked you at least ten times if you were sure and you told me you were. But now you changed your mind, how can that be? Is it just to get back at me?

Oh my, 3000 for nothing then...

good night

I think I'm going to sleep for a little while. I was waiting for someone, but the person in question won't be here for a while so... I'm really tired, I've gone to bed so late the past few days. And tomorrow I have golf. I don't know, I don't really feel up for it (like always) but I'll do my best. I always do my best in the competitions, even if I do lack motivation.

So, sleep tight everybody. <3

Enjoying the final week of summer... My last summer break ever!!!

So it's Friday. Time just keeps flying by, it seems like two weeks ago that school ended. But hey, I'm not complaining. It's just good to get this school thing over with. I'm not looking forward to this year though, lot's of drama, lot's of fighting. Let's just do what we have to and then keep to our selves, shall we?

I really want J and A to come here. Can you be here Monday, please?


I feel sick. I wanna throw up.


And I looked damn good in my partyhat! =P


It's closing in. It's 8 August now. Am I actually doing this? Have I seriously gone mad? But you see, everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to feel loved. So I'm taking a chance. Let's just hope it goes all right, even with my problems...

back and forth

It was a pretty long day and I'm so tired! It's like ten o'clock.... S woke me up at 9 with a text saying: "Are you awake?" I was like: Now I am! Haha. But we spend the day going back an forth between golf courses. We played and we watched and we practiced, very effective. But this tight schedule of ours left me no time to go to the bank! Stupid... I really have to go tomorrow, cause I have some things I need to pay and I can't do that right now. So I need to talk to them.

Well, well. Enjoy your evening, we'll see if I'll manage to stay awake but I'm not used ti getting up so damn early!

3/8 2009

Today it's Monday. I'm really tired but I'm heading off for the golf course soon. Yesterday was... hm...

I started the day crying, I ended it crying. But in between it was really nice. I left the house and met up with A and J and had a good time, then I got home and my cousins and all came over for dinner, which was nice. And then we played a game, I don't know what you call it in English =).

But I don't know about all that crying, and it also seemed as though M forgot my birthday.... What's up with that?


Happy Birthday

I'm getting ready for a dinner with the family, this was not by choise but I'll make it fun. I might write some more later, when we're done with it all. I'm hoping they'll leave before eleven, and it's sunday so I guess it's a big chance they will. I just want to be with my boy <3

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