Mostly Movies

I downloaded a room planner from IKEA, thought I could have a good time with it. But boy, it was hard and boring and I couldn't find all the things I wanted! I did find my bed but it was really hard to get it right. It's round, you know. 

In about twenty minutes I'm going to watch Miss Congeniality 2. I have seen the first but not this one. It's supposedly good so I'll keep my fingers crossed. And while we're talking about movies; I was going to watch High School Musical 3 Senior Year. But when it came down to it, it was the first! Disappointed! Well, sometime, I'll end up watching that too. 

This morning, after I woke up really late, I went to practice golf. The weather was great, the snow was lying still and white on the ground, the sun was shining and lighting everything up. It was great. And I learned how to stand on the ball, you know, one of those big ones? Pilate's ball? I don't know if it's called that, but who cares?

Movies, yes. Yesterday I watched Finding Forrester, I've seen it before and it's really good. You should definitely see it. And on Monday we're watching Dead Poets Society in school. I saw it on TV a while ago and it's great! One of the best movies there is, I almost dare to say. 

Well, enough about movies. Have a great weekend! 

My bed - Like it?


It feels like Friday! Really depressing to have to go up early in the morning, then. I didn't go to practice today. I went to get a vaccine and I am just too tired. And I haven't slept bad or anything! It's hard to figure out. Just wanted to write a couple of lines before I went to sleep. Am actually sitting in my bed, comfortable rapped in my cozy quilt.

Well, that was all I had to say. Oh my god, I'm busy! I can't believe how next year will be considering all the new subjects I'm going to read!!

Shirt Happens

I wrote this morning, and now it's 6 pm. Almost. I have done some studying and some TV watching. I normally don't watch TV on weekdays anymore but it was a show I have to watch all parts of and it was recorded and today I had time, so I watched it. At the moment I'm eating dinner, I've made myself a hamburger. Not so fancy, as you can hear. I'm going to practice soon.

But now I'm going to talk about something completely different. My new t-shirt. I've been wanting it since this summer. I joined my sister when she was giving blood (I am too young and I get sick), and they get to pick an item for their humble services. It can be like a lottery ticket or a towel or something. And they can also choose to give the money away for some chosen organizations such as the red cross. So that's when I spotted it. It's very blue and it says: "That's why SHIRT happens" and there's a picture of a small teddy bear loosing one of his arms. It's so cute!
   She was giving blood yesterday again and she got it for me! Such a nice thing to do, isn't it?

Well, I'd better focus on eating this hamburger so I can go change into my training clothes and get out of this house.

See ya!

Before School

It's Tuesday morning, just before 8 am. I can't believe that I yet again have some spare time before I have to leave the house! But that's at least better than to have too little time, don't you think?

I went to Täby Centrum yesterday. I returned my book to the library, they had this very high tech return- machine thing. Heh. But the fun part was that I bought a kit for jewelry making! And I put a package of tools too. I did a little bit yesterday when I got home, and it was a lot of fun! This was a great idea, I think.

Well, I have a lot to write so you'll hear from me later, now I have to leave for school!


I'm going to make my own jewelry!

I got the idea from S who has made some earrings. She has bought a kit from some pearl shop, but they have really cool stuff at Pandora. And it's a plus that I know where it is, haha.

I was thinking about buying a kit, but I'm not sure anymore. I've looked in their catalogue, which came out like a long time ago. But I thought about S's jewelry and I was just going to have a look and I got stuck. I was going to return a book to the library anyway, so I'm going there to have a look and I will most definitely but something. I've written down some prices in a book, and I'm going to sit down and decide a little more thoughtfully what I'm going to get. Cause I think it's good to have a plan.

Before, I was thinking about inviting Andrew, so he could se Täby Centrum, since it's Scandinavia's biggest indoor mall, but now that I'm going to get these jewelries I'm not sure it's such a good idea anymore.

Talk to you later. Guess I have some more studying to do.

Waffles <3


I was going to write last night, but for some reason I didn't. I was watching a movie online, but I used Megavideo and if you don't have some Pro - version you can only watch 72 minutes at a time. And that's what I did. But when I was going to watch the end after an hour it said: "This video has been removed due to infringement". I'm not even sure what that means. So, the end is and will remain a mystery to me. I can't find it anywhere else. Boring.

I've just finished breakfast and I think I'm going to study a bit, I have an essay to finish till tomorrow. But when I'm done writing it, me and my sister will go on a walk and then we will make waffles! How nice isn't that? Very unhealthy and it's a bit comical cause the essay I'm writing is about health. HAHA.

Well, catch you later!


It's Saturday noon, I feel I've already improved in writing. I was doing some cleaning but when I got to the bathroom it was occupied so I have to wait.

I started the day waking up a lot earlier than I wanted to. But I couldn't go back to sleep so I read a little. I don't really have to give you all the details, and I feel it's already a little too detailed. But when I got out of bed and had my breakfast eaten (can you say that?) I did some sorting for my mum. I have a little bit more to do after I'm done cleaning. It's not a lot, but it's some money. Remember when I told you about last week? I'm not sure I did, actually. But that's when I started working for her and now I'll continue. So far today I've only put last years papers in different boxes that will lie around for the next ten years. You can throw away the papers first after ten years! That's like a lot of papers. Twelve boxes a year, for ten years. You do the math.


It's Friday morning, which means in a couple of hours it'll be weekend. Nice. I'm eating my regular breakfast: A bowl of Kellogg's with milk, a cup of tea and a toasted sandwich with butter and ham. I would eat just the cereal, but it's a little too little to make it to lunch on that. I woke up thinking that I would have to take the train, which means I also have to walk and this early in the morning it's actually really cold, so I was very happy when my mother told me she could drive me. Yay! That also earned me some extra time, I wasn't in a hurry anyway, but now I can take a lot of time eating my breakfast and, obviously, writing.

Have a Wonderful day, everybody!


It's not tomorrow from when I last wrote, but it hasn't been a week either! So I must say that I've made progress.

It's almost 8 am and I'll be off soon. I woke up a little early because my dog was barking so I had some spare time. I used it to type a little on my Swedish- essay. It feels like I'm studying more and more, and it's tiring. But, if I want to reach my goals, this is what I have to do.

My first lesson today will be golf. I texted S last night and asked if her mother could drive us, but then she texted me back and said she couldn't make it at all cause she had a test. And my parents couldn't drive so I got kind of nervous. But, lucky as I am, one of the employees at the golf club, who lives right by us, could drive me. I'm going over there in a few minutes.

So, I'll better get ready. So long!

Bad Writer

I know I haven't written in a while, and I'm sorry. It's just hard to make the time. For a week, I wrote every single day and I really can't understand how I found the time and energy to. I mean, now I'm just sort of sitting in my bed watching TV, but my head doesn't automatically go to my blog.

But something made me think of it. Yeah, I was watching the Hills. Shocker! I came to the sixteenth episode when I had to stop, for reasons you must not now. HAHA. So, Audrina and Lauren had this huge fight, and I really hope they'll be able to work it out because I like Audrina. I don't like Justin though. I liked the Australian guy, was it Cory??

I guess I have to go study some more, have a quiz tomorrow in Nature Science. I don't know if you call it that but it doesn't really matter i suppose.

And I promise to try to write more often. I can't promise I will, but I will most definitely try and it wont be every day but a few more days a week than one I hope.

So, until then (which probably will be tomorrow just cause), have the best time you can have!!


Let's Dance premiér

It's Friday night and I'm just gonna write quickly. I watched the season premier of Let's Dance, something I've never watched before. And apparently it's already season 5! I enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun and they have got great characters for the show this season. I don't know who I will vote for but I especially like Hasse Aro, Carl-Jan Granqvist and Mojje. So, we'll se how it goes! Best wishes to all of them.

My day has been very calm. I went to school, I didn't have many lessons so it was okay. I joined my mother to the pet shop where we bought dog food and four fishes. I chose them, I chose some sort with colour, because I thought our aquarium lacked it.

And by the way, it turns out I have a golf competition at the same time as the Gothenburg Festival, which is a basketball tournament. I had the same problem last year, and I chose the golf competition, but I won't do that this year. Not that I regret the choice that I made, but this year this is what feels right.

Oh, it became longer than I thought, but still not very long. I think I'm going to bed and just cozy up with a cup of tea, which I already have but I'll have another one, and my book The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. Last year it also appeared on screen, and who knows, I might see it after I've finished reading the book.

Have a great weekend everybody. Mine will be filled with: Well, really I have no idea but. It'll work out. Bye!


Sitting in my room, by my desk, eating chocolate and listening to Maroon 5's Wake up Call.

Today was the first day in school after the break. It was okay, I guess. We didn't do so much really. Started with PE and played indoor bandy. It was kind of fun. But it would have been more fun if our teacher wouldn't have shouted at me to yell out to my team that I was free. Of course I was supposed too, but I suck at this sport and I can't take control of the ball if someone passes it to me. I don't shout for it then!

Then we had some boring lessons and we got to go twenty minutes early. I walked with J to the "mall". It's not a mall but like, kind of. She bought her brother a birthday present and then I left her and took the train home. At the train I met my old friend J. She had cut her hair, which I knew but had never seen. It was really cool and it was cool of her to dare that haircut.

That's pretty much it. Bye!


I know I just posted my last input, what do you call it, but I just remembered my mum gave me this job offer. It's not much, very little I must say. But I've been thinking. I was actually looking for a "real job", which was the reason my mum asked me to do this thing for her but I didn't really want to do a job like that. But I've realized that a real job would be too much. I already have a busy schedule and I don't think I could manage everything. So this amount of work is maybe a little too little, but that's better than the opposite way.

So I decided to take it. It's something so, that's always better than nothing.

The day before...

I'm watching this really old episode of the Hills but it's commercial right now. Just thought I'd write something even though I don't really have anything to write. 
   School starts tomorrow, though. PE as first lesson. I'm not looking forward to it, but I kind of want it to start so it can end, if you know what I mean.

And I had the breakfast today, it wasn't as I planned but it tasted good so who cares? It felt good waiting for it so. And I had my sister buy me sushi today. So Im going to eat that for dinner.

Oh, I think it starts which means I don't have time for any spell check. Sorry!

One in the Bunch

So, let me tell you about the day I had.

Yesterday, before I went to sleep, I was really looking forward to today's breakfast. I bought these corn flake alike thing that taste so good and I had the whole morning planned out. Plus I had also told people that I wanted to sleep and that I didn't want anyone to wake me up.

I woke up right after 9 o'clock and the sun was shining and I thought that I would take a shower before I had my breakfast that I'd been longing for. And what happens, my sister comes in with the plan to wake me up, even though I'd asked for everyone not to do that. She wanted me to go jogging with her.

And we went jogging, I didn't want to, but it's good for you and I hadn't really exercised anything during the holidays.

Other things I've done today is that I cleaned the house, at least the bathrooms and the floor everywhere. And just now I've cooked dinner for everyone.

I'm still so over it. Living here and doing this for these people. I whish it had just been me. Me living in my own place doing these things for my self. But life doesn't work that way, I'm afraid. And there are things that would be bad living like that. At the time that is. Of course, I still want it to be a few years from now but things are the way they are. I'll just have to wait for the time to go by itself and remember not to just waste it waiting but also enjoy it at the same time.

Soon, in a couple of weeks, me and my parents will go on a trip to an African country which name I do not know in English so I won't even make a fool of myself trying to know it.

And also!!! The new season of America's Next Top Model starts today. Ever since I saw an episode I've been hooked. I've seen them all. And at first, Oh My God how prejudiced we were (we are me and my sister). It's insane. Well, anyway

See you soon!

Over it all

I feel kind of lame writing in English, but I'm going to continue doing that anyway. I want to be someone else so badly and I will do whatever to make the illusion as real as it can be. This is one way.

I'm just so over going to school. I've got about half of my "high school time" left but it still sucks. It's such a long time.
  You see, I went shopping today, and I bought some really cute things and I really feel glad thinking about them and I feel great in them but when I think about wearing them to school I just get so bummed out. It's like, why would I want to look good going to school? It feels kind of pointless.

I'm just ready to start my life, you know, evolve. I'm ready to move out of this house and get my own place, get a job and make new friends. Find a boyfriend and enjoy life, cause I'm really not right now.
   And I feel kind of over the golf too. Don't get me wrong, I love it and it's still my number one priority but I don't see myself going pro anymore. I see myself being pretty normal and I have the image so clear in my head. Except which carrierpath I want to go down. But other than that, it's clear. It's like everything will solve itself eventually because deep down I know what I want.

Does that even make sense? I'm just so over it.

I'm back!

So, I was thinking about becoming more international. You know, considering noone reads it anyway and I really whish I was living a luxurious life in LA or something. Okay, that's not entirely true, but.

Anyways, I just got back from my fathers hometown. I love it there, it's pretty and small and lots of snow. "It's a pretty place with lots of snow" Quote: Izumi Sano - Japanese High Jumper.

Okay, I really just wrote this because I'm bored. I'm going shopping with Linnea and Jani tomorrow. I need a nice jacket and a purce and I was also looking forward to geting a new pair of jeans. I don't really need it but I want it.


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