monday, soon to be tuesday

Sorry I haven't posted anything today. I just didn't feel like it. And I got home a little after eight so I haven't had a lot of time to do it either.

So, practice this morning was horrible. We raced up a hill multiple times. I had to quit cause I was sure I'd throw up. But I managed not to. I don't really have a problem with the act it self, just in public. Never done and hopefully never will.

Oh, how nice. I'm talking about puke. What a delightful girl. Haha. Sweet dreams (not about vomiting though)


I thought I'd actually post a little bit during the day, but things aren't always what you think they'll be. I'm sorry, I thought to take some pictures of the decorations we've put up but I'm too lazy.

I have studied today, I finished the History homework. What I haven't done is to decide a subject for tomorrows Religion test. Which sucks. I just don't know what to write about. I wish we would have a more traditional test, with questions that have a right answer and a wrong answer. But no. So I really have to think of something quite soon.

1:a Advent

Read the headline. I have no idea what they call it in english so... It's sunday (obviously ^^) and I think I have a lot to study... I have a test tomorrow, in Islam. I have no idea what to write about yet. I'll ask Maher for help. Hehe.

my saturday

I am, as I thought, now free of my debt to my mother. But still I can't go see the only person in this world that I want to be with. Life's tough, get over it.

And by the way. My mascara is supposidly Waterproof but that's just bullshit! It sucks. Volume Impact from Nivea. I think it's pretty good otherwise but it's definately not Waterproof.

Sorry I haven't been around today, I've been out driving with my father and we picked my sister up and went and bought her a plastic Christmas tree. I want plastic too, but it has to look pretty real and it has to look generally good. I get that some people want to feel the smell of a real tree, but all the pine needles (I heard someone call it that, but maybe it's wrong?) makes it all not worth it.

So plastic, here I come!


I just took a warm shower. I brought my computer to the bathroom and listened to some music at the same time. It was nice. Now I'm going down to watch the result of todays Idol.

and by the way, I ate way too much :´(

no more debt?

I think I've cleared of my debt soon! I'm going to go down and talk to my mother, if she's not busy which I think she is. But that's great, cause it means I've probably be able to go to Tunisia soon. But I don't want to get my hopes up too much cause that will only break me. But I'll try talking to her and see what happens.


One of my friends just got a tattoo. It's a memorial tattoo to her mother, it's on the wrist and has the text "Mamma" and with a little heart under. It's very pretty and I think she's very happy with it. I think she's cool to do it. I like tattoos, they can be very pretty although as it is now I don't want one myself. I'd probably just get tired of it after a while. I got tired of my piercing right away (I like it now) but that I can just take out when I feel like it.


It's thursday, which means tomorrow's friday. We have a big History test tomorrow, so I think I'm skipping practice to study for that. I really want to do well. So keep your fingers crossed! But if I won't go (okay, I wont', I've decided already) I will do a few things my self at home. I really need to build some muscles in my back cause my posture is starting to be as bad as it once was...

I haven't eaten since breakfast but I'm thinking about doing some shrimp and egg for dinner. I don't know whether I should make pasta or cous cous to it. What do you think?


I'm so tired. It was a long day, but luckily I got to sleep this morning at least. I need to study before going to bed, and I'm going early tonight. For once.

Anyway, some German stuff due to tomorrow and History test on Friday.

Islam and Buddhism

I was going to tell you about the day, right?
Well, first, for some reason I still don't understand, did we leave super early. Way earlier than we had to. So we had to wait a lot. Then we got in to the mosque. I've been there before too, three maybe four years ago. We had to wear these things, what do you even call them? Some cape - alike thing with a hood. Only the women, and of course there were a lot of complaints about this. Then we got in to the part that is actually a mosque, and I just love the floor, where can I get something like that? And he talked a little bit about it and the prayer and we got to ask him some questions.

After that we moved on upstairs to another room where he talked some more and we had a lively discussion about why we had to wear the things we had to. They all say that Islam is a religion hostile to women. I don't think it is, I think that many of the cultures in which Islam is mostly used is hostile to women, more than in other countries and cultures maybe. Cause I wouldn't say it's equal here either.
   What upsets me and some other people is that they don't listen to him. They don't try to see it his way, they're just so determined and have their opinions made up already. Last time I was there we had a woman who spoke to us and she definitely didn't feel put down as a woman or anything. And then they say that she won't admit that they put her down. I think our society had painted up a picture of this religion that is so not true. Some things are definitely screwed up, but not more than in other religions!

We all think we know, but we don't know. And I think it's important for us to learn before we speak and before we place judgement.

Moving on. I won't even talk about the lunchbreak, it was horrible. In every way. Wasted a lot of money to join my friends, and then they just eat on McDonald's anyway? We could have done that where we were so it just felt like a big waste of money. I do get irritated by small things, but it's never really about them. It's just that I have this huge anxiety inside and all these things just are just the straw to break the camel's back. But anyway, I recovered from that. But then I had to pay on the way back too, because of some idiot. I got upset, but my friends were running away so I couldn't argue with him more than my "Are you kidding me?!". Then we sat in that buddhist "temple". A complete waste of time, if you ask me. 

So finally we can go home. Just, I'm out of tickets and I don't know where to buy new ones from where I was. And I didn't really know where I was going. And when my friends left I called my father and started arguing with him, and then repeated the procedure with my mother. I didn't know where I was, where I was going or where to get more tickets. So I felt very much alone and abandoned and hopeless so it was very easy for me to get annoyed. I'm sorry mama and papa. Finally I found my way and I actually met some people I knew down in the subway. They had been at the same places we had, and they all was very surprised over my class' behaviour. "Are they always like this?" they asked me. "Pretty much" would have been an understatement. "Always" is the only word good enough. So you see, I'm not the only one who hates it. 

Anyway, I did like being in the mosque but other than that this day sucked.  


I just got home, a story I will tell you later. I'm watching Buffy (what else?), it's the episode where they're sining. I remember Jessica and Josefin talking about it once, before I used to be an addict. I'll tell you about the day later, we visited a mosque and some buddhistic temple.


It was one of those long days again. Always mondays. And I forgot to record Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's funny how anti series I've been. Just cause I don't want to be benched by the TV and follow every single episode. And then I get stuck for this? So I'll just go down and see if I can set the timer to record tomorrows episodes. It sucks that it's two in a row too. Cause if you miss one day you miss two episodes. And that happens a lot you know.

Haha. I'm such a nerd!

officially disgusted

I love cats but after watching the beginning of Bones, where a bunch of cats are eating a dead mans flesh I am so disgusted and I'm not sure I can ever get that image out of my head. Yuck! Excuse me, I'm going to go throw up now.


They just announced the winner of America's Next Top Model season... 12..? I think. So Teyona won. I actually thought they were going to give it to Alison but I was wrong.


Guess who won the battle? ME! Mohaha! Now all that's left is pressing some seems, I know you're supposed to do that earlier in the process, but I didn't want to waste time and energy on that if it were to f*** up in the end anyway.

Well, what do you think? Not bad for the first time, eh?

so stupid

I just woke up, I'm unbelievable! I was going to set the alarm on twelve, but I must have forgotten. Anyway, I'm going to study today, I have to read some History, I think we have a test on friday. And I'm going to try battleing the sewing maching again. I really want to do this on my own, you know.

Anyway, have a great day!


Watching Heartbrakers (for the 50:th time ^^). But it's fun so it's ok. I made dinner tonight, J thought I burned it but I didn't. I guess that's my mothers fault, hehe. I think it was pretty good, and they said they did too.


I'll hit the shower soon, I'm meeting J and A. I was going to take the train but I hate that the train doesn't always match so I'm taking my bike instead, so that I can leave a little bit later. And I'm watching Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. It's fun, but I don't like when they have questions about US History and the constitution and stuff, cause there's no chanse for me to get those ^^

I lost

I'm sorry to say that the machine won. I'll just have to wait for my mum to come so that she can help me. She's the only one that can master this stupid, stupid machine. I really wanted to finish the jeans but... And then I tried doing it by hand but that didn't work either. I think I need another type of needle for that.

good morning!

I just woke up, a little later then I wanted to. I don't really like sleeping longer than to twelve. But... The sun is shining, very brightly. It's a nice surprise cause we haven't seen it for a while. I'm going to go down and fight some more with the sewing machine. I really want to finish these pants fast. And then you'll get to see the result of my first custom made pants ever! Yay =D

stupid machine

I had finshed both legs and started doing the waist. But then the machine decided to start messing with me. And it won, so I'm giving up for now. But there's a new day tomorrow. Beware!

thumbs up

The jeans are really coming together! I'm quite proud, most of my projects just stop. I'm not done at all, I mean I am just doing what I think is right, I don't know anything of this, so it takes time. But I've ripped up seems all over, and I've sown one leg, I'm about to fix the hem now. Any tips? =)


It's friday night and tv3 is showing reruns? What's up with that? And I don't mean like old How I Met Your Mother or something like that. But NCIS from this tuesday? Why? Can anyone answer me that?


I'm going to try to resew a pair of jeans. I'm not exactly sure how it's done, but I'm taking a pair that I never use so it doesn't really matter if I fail. My first task is to scratching them (sprätta, det står scratching men jag vet inte riktigt om det är så rätt), and I'll do this watching TV. I like to sew but I don't like my mothers super old machine.

jag blir så arg

"Just nu kan du uppleva störningar med nätet i Strömstad och Ljusdal. Det är med högsta prioritet vi försöker lösa det. Vi ber om ursäkt för detta och hoppas att du har förståelse."

Asså, skit i Engelskan nu. Jag är så upprörd. Jag kom äntligen på hur man ringer kundtjänst från en vanlig telefon (det är annorlunda från mobilen men det kan jag ju som sagt inte ringa ifrån) och då är det här det första de säger. Jag behövde inte ens prata med någon. Asså, det är klart att man kan förstå att de har problem ibland, men... Jag är nog bara väldigt arg på 3 i allmänhet. Dessutom bor jag faktiskt i Stockholm, eller ja, utanför. Så varför har jag också problem? Det kanske sprider sig. Usch. Hoppas de fixar det snart, för det har ju cepat sig i ett helt dygn i alla fall!


Food diary

I'm thinking of starting writing down everything I eat again. I did this for a while two years ago, and it really seems as though you eat less when you do. I'll give it a try at least, starting tomorrow. Although, I could start tonight I guess. I know what I've eaten.

@ home

I just got back home. I'm quite cold, cause it was raining outside. I think I did a good job, I even stayed longer than I was supposed to. I tried to sneak off with the shirt, but I'm not a that dishonest person that I do when he tells me not to forget about the shirt. Hm. Stupid Peter, why should he remember that? And it was my last chance to get one.


Öppet Hus

I'm going to Öpper Hus soon (well, how do you translate that?). I'm hoping we can "borrow" the shirts when we're done. hehe.

3 sucks

I hate 3! The only reason I chose them was because they had the cheapest phones! But I regret it so so much. Never ever ever again! I can't even send a text from my house right now, because there's no connection. It's insane. Stupid stupid stupid company. I can't believe why everyone choses it. I sure as hell won't ever do that mistake again.

beautfiul, eh?

My father got some flowers delivered to the door yesterday (I found them outside this morning standing next to the door, I thought there were someone knocking!) So I took them in and found them a vase.


I don't want to go to school. And I don't want to go to my driving lesson after school either. Really all I feel like doing today is lying in bed or the sofa and watch TV. But no can do. So, bye, I'm going out in the cold, windy weather =(


Just miss it so much


I've been talking to my mother on the phone for almost an hour. I was just calling to ask her something... I don't know if she feels like talking to me or if she thinks I feel the need to talk to her. Cause I wanted to hang up after three minutes ^^


The test wasn't so painful. Haha. Not that I thought it would be. I think it went quite well actually. At least I hope so. As you can see it didn't take too long. About two and a half hour which is half the time we were given.

Now I'm going to eat something (I'm starving!) and then probably sleep a little. =)


The test starts in 45 minutes and I have to run in to ICA to buy something to eat first. Just some piece of bread and a youghurt.

Whish me luck!

National exams Swedish B

I love that I totally forgot about the test we have tomorrow. 9-14. I guess you understand it's a pretty big test. I don't even know where I have my paper that I need to bring. I'm so stupid...

busy day

I've been so busy today! I woke up at twelve (no school today, hehe) and since then I've been driving, making cinnamon buns, wrapping presents, cleaning, you name it. So I haven't had time to write. I haven't had time to study either, so I guess I have to do that after NCIS.

Presents for my father's birthday tomorrow. I also drew him a card/ giftcard but I didn't take a picture.

The buns I made. I really love when the house fills up with the smell.

And my mother came home from England yesterday, and she got me this from the Body shop. Very nice, they're so expensive here!


I just voted for Lucia in Uppsala. Haha. Not that I really care I just want to support the voting system. It's over internet and there is a video of each candidate first telling a little bit about themselves and then singing. I voted on voice only. Go in and support this instead of those grey images and two sentence introductions:,1826,MC=7-TYPE=lucia,00.html

(and now I really feel like celebrating Lucia. It's such a nice day =)  )

hate mondays

Mondays are long and horrible. I start at eight with golf. Then I have English, Religion and Nature sciense followed by golf and then golf again. I finished eight and when I got home I found that my father had made pancakes. Lovely! Then I joined him by the TV and fell asleep. I don't really know what happened after that, how long time I slept or something. But I don't think it was too long. It couldn't have been. The dog wanted to come inside, and the cat wanted to go outside so I had to take care of them so. But a powernap is the best thing, and now I'm fully awake and very energetic.


We're out of Ipren =´(

The Hills ain't working

I'm trying to watch The Hills on, but it doesn't work. "We're sorry but this video isn't currently available but will be again soon" is all I get. Stupid Mtv.

And... Paradise Hotel starts tonight, will you watch it? I can say that I won't, have seen one episode before and... hm... Not my favourite show...

What am I doing, talking about TV shows? Get a life! Haha. I'm just kidding. Sorry for lousy update, I just didn't have anything to write.

weather talk

Rain. Cold. Dark.

What are we really moving towards? I'd like to think winter and snow, but it seems to be a Christmas without all that once again. Isn't that the way we cope with the darkness and the cold? That the ground is covered in beautiful white snow? And then we have a little bit of snow months after Christmas, and we still have to suffer through the time of grey, rain mixed snow and remind us we're moving to spring. Hm... I don't like it. I think the snow should just dissappear some time in the middle of January, if not earlier.

over weight kids

I'm watching a documentary on TV and it kind of makes me angry. This 8-year old girl is born with an unsual condition, and is forced in and out of hospitals all the time. That's normal having a condition that's very uncommon. What makes me mad is that she's a little bit overweight at her young age. I think that it's the parent's responsibility to have their kids eat a healthy diet. There comes a time in every persons life when you get to decide things for yourself but she is clearly not in that age yet. And I don't care how people look, but it's obviously not healthy to be over weight. Especially since she has like problems with her kidney and also this syndrome that she has. I just think that her parent's should be extra careful with what she eats, even though I think this is important in general.


I woke up the second best way today: Maher called me. It was nice talking to him for a while, a good start to the day =)

Don't really know what the day brings to me, maybe I'll watch Wallander. The english version, SVT sent it a while ago and we taped it. And seeing how there's absolutely nothing on TV on weekends, this is a pretty good idea.

Still in my pyjamas. Hehe, don't know if I'll bother to change at all.

(And as far as I know, I didn't have any bad luck yesterday)


So it turns out I don't have to watch the dog tomorrow. It would have been nice, but on the other hand I get to sleep instead =)


My father was very merciful and he bought me Cheesdoodles, such a nice, unselfish act (cause he aabsoluutely didn't want aaaanything for himseelf ^^).

They were good =) Thanks Papi!

Friday 13:th

What a day. Nothing really happened. I had math this morning, and I worked effectively throughout the lesson, but in history class they talked about something that has to do with Social Studies, and I don't take this class this year. So it was completely pointless for me to be there. I even fell asleep at one point. It was nice to sleep, but I woke up with a soar neck. Hehe. And after a not so nice lunch and a quick conversation with our mentor for the project (a conversation in which I by the way had no part) me and J went to A's house. With her too of course. We spend a few hours watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, A has some of the boxes. I've become such a geek ^^

Unluck so far: None


It's friday 13:th tomorrow, for those of you who didn't know. And my mother is flying to see my sister who's studying in England. She's deathly afraid of flying. You do the math.

hey ho let's go

Getting dressed for practice, Sophia is picking me up in about ten minutes. (We had practice this morning too but I decided to sleep instead ^^)


I asked my mother a long time ago if I were supposed to pay all graduation stuff on my own, or if they would pay it. She said it was my things to pay and I didn't find that very strange, which other people did, don't ask me why. But when I got my bill a few weeks ago she said she'd pay it anyway. Which made me want to add that hood shirt, you know? And it's taken me a while to actually do something about it, but now I've added it. Jessica in my class said that she'd had problems with changing her order. But I've done two changes without any difficulties so I don't know...

And I just found out I'll be watching the little dog on Saturday. I won't get to sleep all day but maybe it's worth it. She's so cute. But I guess she's grown pretty big by now... =D

Keeping my promise

I told you I'd say good night. I'm not going to bed yet, but soon. So, Sweet dreams!


Excuse me, I guess this December will be filled only with Christmas talk, and I'm starting already! Oh my god. But I will not start for real until December, cause it's holy. Otherwise I'll just grow tired of it when it's time, and I can't grow tired of the best holiday and in fact the best time of the year! I will not allow that to happen.
   And to my point. Since the Christmas calendars that they've sent on SVT lately all sucks, and this year seems to be no different, I'm not going to watch it. I won't even bother trying. When they come up with a fun concept and a good story I might tune in to watch again. But until that happens you can forget about me. I'll watch Trolltider instead. I was very young when they aired it (the third time around actually, but the only time when I've been alive), so I don't remember so much. But I remember that I did enjoy it. I'm not completely sure if you can find all the videos on Youtube or not, but I saw you can find a few. Last Christmas I watched Sunes Jul. That was fun too =) And I really like Mysteriet på Greveholm.

Last year I even thought about writing a Calendar of my own and sending the script to SVT and see if they were interested or not, you know. To get the quality up a bit. But I never got to that. One day maybe... I actually got an idea just now. Haha. I'll write it down somewhere and then forget it to find it in a few years and laugh about it.

Oh, sorry. It happened to be one of those long posts that no one cares to read again... =( I'll write a short one saying good night before I go to bed later, and letting you know my speech is ready.

test driving

I'm going out test driving with my father. Mostly I can't drive with him, but we'll se how it goes. I know I promised to continue in my last post, and I will. Maybe not today, but I will. Wallah.


I am currently connected to my parent's computer. I'm trying to download MSN but I'm having a few issues with that... Hoepfully it will work soon. Not that I need to use it right now but I might in the future...

And I actually have a lot going on right now. The most important is to write the speech for tomorrow. But I feel that I'm stuck. I did try to work on it yesterday, but it's just one big mess.

Oh, MSN is being nice now, so I need to shut down all other programmes, I'll continue late =)

What's wrong with H&M?

Is there really something wrong with H&M? It's like every time you compliment on someone's clothes and they're from H&M they have to excuse themselves. I'm not sure if you get what I'm talking about or not but... It's just that S had this really beautiful white jacket from there and I told her I liked it very much. And she had to laugh and say something like "a la H&M" and laugh a little bit more. As if that made it worse in some way. I mean, I like my jacket too and it is from H&M. Is there something wrong with it just cause it's affordable clothes that everyone can wear?

I like H&M. Cheap and they have many clothes that are really pretty. I might not like those "typical" H&M clothes that you really can tell are from there but... that's just a matter of my taste I guess. No, I don't get it at all... 

Something like this, I'm not sure if it's exactly the one, cause I don't remember the fur on the collar, but...

a little bit of peace and quiet

After a long and hard practice (mostly boring) am I home and I get to sit in peace by my computer for a few hours at least. Should write a little on my speech, at least make some sort of foundation to continue building on tomorrow... I'm presenting it on Wednesday, I'm not even sure how it's supposed to be done. After listening to the other's speeches I just feel very off. Oh well, I'll work it out.


I couldn't sleep last night which resulted in me oversleeping this morning. It didn't do much, cause I got to sleep 40 minutes longer and I didn't really miss anything. Just to put on mascara but that wasn't too neccessary. I wonder, if it's possible to get everything done in such a short amount of time, why do I always give me an hour to get ready when I set the alarm?

Now I'm going to have a quick dinner and then off to my third practice of the day. I'm not excited about it at all but I have to go. And when I get back I really need to prepare my speech.

what do you do when you can't sleep?

I can't sleep. I've been trying for more than an hour and I'm sick of just lying there. I hate to admit that my mother was right, I shouldn't have slept til two today. She always tells me that if I do, I won't be able to sleep at night.

Anyway, I've heard that you shouldn't keep lying, you should get up and do something else. I really feel like eating, but doesn't that make it worse? I think I'll go get a cracker and then watch some Charmed online to see if I can fall asleep. If not, I don't know what I'll do...


I just have a few thoughts that I would like to share with you, and you definately don't have to listen. It's just cause I really want to get it out of me.

I'm thinking a lot about my life. About my future. I don't care so much about what happens right now, cause I feel that it will work out fine in the future. I know how I want to be. Personality wise. I can see my self in the future coming home from work, what I'm wearing, how I move and present my self and all that. And I can really see my apartment. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do for a living, I just don't see it in my vision, but I know it'll be all right.

And I'm positive that I will end up with a realy good guy that I love and who loves me (have I already found the one? <3). What I am very torn up about right now is having a baby. I do think I want children (I just want one but...), but I'm just wondering if it's worth giving up your position as number one? I mean, you have this wonderful person who you mean the world to, and who loves you more than anything. And the second that baby pops out, it's changed. Then the baby is the most important all of a sudden. Do you really want that?

I'm still very young and I shouldn't think that just because it's been like that so far it'll be like that for the rest of my life. But I've found it very hard to feel loved and appreciated by people. Maybe it's just cause I haven't been, I don't know. But I just feel that if you are lucky to find someone who does, and who really loves you for who you are, why do you want to share that love with someone else? I don't know. It's just the way I've been thinking lately.

Any by the way, maybe I can't even have a baby. Everyone takes it for granted, that when they want they can have a baby. That it's completely up to them to decide, but it isn't always like that. Oh, horrible thought. What if I can't get pregnant? At the same time as it's not the end of the world, I would still be horribly sad if it was like that. But no one ever thinks like that. It's strange.

Here's two of the apartments I've found on my recent search. I like them, and I'd want to live in something like this.

Internet Explorer 8

I finally surrendered and downloaded the new version of internet explorer. I haven't done it before cause I just didn't feel like it. But after numerous times of being declined access to websites I finally gave in and downloaded it. I have only used it for a few minutes but I guess it'll be good. It's no big difference, I know for a fact there are good things about it so.

(I hope it's only temporarly the way "Versatility" stands, it looks completely wrong!!)

stupid site

And I'm finally up! I'm having big problems with a site that's giving out free stuff, you know when you invite friends and participate in different contests. I haven't got my activation link and I've sent them an email about it... but nothing happened! Grrr. Stupid! 


Tomorrow is a study day. I have a lot of books to read. And a speech to write. I'm always so nervous about my speeches, but they often turn out pretty good. I'll just have to trust my natural talent ^^

I made Chokladbollar. Always nice. Haha. =)

(And I was trying to write one word in red, but I guess I'm not that technical)


I have been writing about Christmas, and it might be a little early. But don't worry, nothing real until December 1:st =)

But I'm thinking about doing some sort of a calendar here. Good idea, or bad?


No one is home but me and the animals. I don't really have a problem with being alone, but I'm kind of bored. I'll take the dog out for a walk now before it gets too dark, but I don't really feel like doing that. I better hurry, cause that happens fast. See ya!

good morning

I didn't wake up before now. Really I woke up an hour ago cause the stupid dog was whining outside my door, but then I went back to sleep. I'm still very very tired but I have to get up at some time...

And I don't know why, but my "Shamandalie" track on iTunes suddenly decided not to work... ? Oh well, I'm going to make me something to eat now, I'm hungry =)

presents and garlands

I think I know what to give my parents for Christmas. I've been having an idea for a long time, about seven months actually. But that is pretty expensive and since money is kind of a big issue right now, I have to reconsider. Cheap presents this year, family! Sorry! But never the less, they will be to your pleasure (I hope).

I'm really waiting for time to pass so that I Christmas can start and I can really start baking and decorating and making all of these nice Christmas things. It's just hard, cause while everyone else is stressing about what to buy to everyone I enjoy shopping presents! It's the best thing, so cozy and I love when I feel like I find something that really fits the person in question. Oh, I love it! But this year will be a lot different I guess. No wasting on nice papers and getting things no matter the price. It'll still work out and it will still be good, but it just won't be the same.

Well, I hope someone will sponsor me with some candy so that I can make that beautiful garland I made last year.

The candy required to make it


I was very happy when we found out that Erik (I'm talking about Idol) was going to sing "The show must go on" by Queen. Cause when they said what the theme was (The best song in the world) I said: It must be one of Queen's songs. So it was great that he sang it, and he did a great job too. =)


It's time for Idol. I haven't watched in a while, it just haven't been the right time. But today I feel up for it. And I'll have some chips, and I'll try not to feel guilty about it ^^


Sitting up, as always with a cup of tea, and searching for some serious reviews of "Gregorius" written by Bengt Ohlsson. It's for my project and I could reallly need a few, all I've got so far is one. Very bad, I have to ask my mentor for help, but I should be able to this on my own...


I've completely forgotten how good it feels to work out. It's really sort of freeing in a way. But now it's time to get in the shower and wash of the dirt in my hair, we've been rolling around on the dirty floor a lot. =)


I'm going to practice now. I'm not looking forward to it but I could use some but-training. I was very tired but after dinner I took a powernap so I feel rather fine now. But I need to go now, bye!


It wasn't only cold going to school, it was raining too. And even more so on my way home. Biking with UGG's went well, it didn't feel funny at all.

We barely got any lunch at school today, so I was very very hungry when I got home. But I better get downstairs, the commercial is probably over by now.


I just wanted to wish everyone a good morning before I leave for school. I was too lazy to wash my make up off yesterday so I didn't have to do it now. Hehe. But I only do that a few times a year, cause it's really not good for your skin or your eyes or anything. Just if you want to spare a few minutes in the morning. But if it's that big of a deal it's just to ditch the make up completely.

Anyway, have a great day everyone and be nice to your fellow citizens, now I'm going for a bike ride in this really cold weather and I'm going to try how well it works biking with UGG's on. What do you think? I think it'll be a bit... uncomfortable...


I just finished my homework in Nature Sciense. A step in the right direction, isn't it? Anyway, I don't really have much to say and no one's interested in me going on and on about nothing. So I'll return if I actually have something to say...


I woke up feeling empty. I've lost everything. I've lost the small amount of motivation I had. I guess I have some, I'm up you know. But I just feel like a walking zombie. Doing things out of old habits. I don't care about anything. I just want to be happy again, I want to be with you.

What did I do to deserve this?

princess cake

My sister's birthday was a while ago, but I never showed you the cake she made. She's very good at those things, my sister. I took this picture before she added the icing sugar, but it's still pretty.

Isn't it beauiful? I love how she makes the roses too.

light bulbs, please?

I fell asleep. And I can't find any light bulbs, the one in my desk lamp ran out of power... So it's not just cold in my room, it's dark as well. I want to take a shower.

thank you

My class was very nice to me today. I asked if we could switch places and the History and the Social Studies, so that I wouldn't have to have a hole. And they said "yes". Very nice. They could have just said it was too hard to remember or something. So I was happy until a few minutes ago when I noticed another of my jeans are broken. The black ones that I love.


I have a big clump in my stomache (do you even say that in English?). It doesn't feel good.


I am supposed to study but I am so exhausted. I can barely move my fingers over the keyboard. This cooper test was horrible. It was so cold in the air, increasing the risk of damagin your body which I think I did. And it's been long since I've been this un- fit. Lucky Emma was there with me, cause we ran beside each other and made us both speed up all the time, or at least not decrease our speed. But now I'm almost dead. And I even think I had a better time two years ago.

back to school

It's Monday morning. Not only am I tired and morning sucks in general, but it's so cold. I've tried to warm up with some hot tea, but it hasn't helped.

I wish I'd had longer time to just sleep all day and stay up at night, no pressure. Oh it was so great. Christmas break - come faster please! It's less than two months, so it will be here soon but anyway. Oh, I hope I work something out with Tunisia. I really really really want to go, of course.

Anyway, have to leave in just a few minutes. Bye!


I want to sleep now, it's an early day tomorrow. But I know that I couldn't sleep even if I tried so I guess I might as well stay up now.

Cooper test tomorrow. Yay! My favourite! (I'm being very, very sarcastic) I don't have any muscles or anything you need to run. I will fail this test miserably. I hope most people aren't there, cause we're supposed to have done it already.


I hate fighting. I hate it so much I'm willing to take all the blame just to end it and have things go back to normal.


My newest plan is to move to Göteborg next year. I'll move there and study. I just have to decide what to study. But when I've done that I'm unstoppable. I've always wanted to live there, it's so beautiful.


I got back a while ago. I really sucked at driving today, and we had no luck with the present. So the entire day was a big waste. I could have slept! This is after all, as I've said before, my last day of freedom. Can't I just spend it the way I want to? No, I could not.

And in addition to that, my back is soooo hurt. Stupid back. It's cause I don't have enough muscles and when I do certain movements it's too much for it. But I don't know what movements I've done though...


I'm awake. I would like to sleep but my mother came in and woke me up. Why can't I sleep? Stupid mother.

Anyway, when I finally decide to actually leave bed (but I guess my mother will drag me out before I can decide that) we're going someplace to look for a birthday present for my dad. But it's over two weeks til his birthday.

Oh well, have a great day. (the last day before school starts again =/  )

while it lasts

I'm sitting up with a nice cope of tea and some crackers. It's nice. My last night of freedom, then it's back to school.

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