new category

I've just went through the archive and put all ímages under the category "Bilder" that I just created. It took me some time but I didn't mind. So if you want to see all my pictures just click your way there. Maybe I should make more categories, but then again, what would they be?

money money money

I still owe my mother some money, but I've gotten it down quite a bit I think. I just keep thinking that I got back a lot of money showing receipts of things I'd bought that I don't have to pay for my self. But I've always bought stuff like that, I just never cared to bring it up cause I just to have money and never really needed that money. Now I just feel that I've lost a lot by thinking like that. Isn't it funny how different situations gives us a whole new perspective? Anyway, I might have found a way for me to go see my honey soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


I actually woke up just twenty minutes ago. I don't know if I've ever woken up this late. Not that I wanted to wake up at all with the dream I had <3

(and you know what? I woke up 13:37. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Have you seen WOW- Jocke, BjörnGustafsson? See it!)


I went to bed about an hour ago after finally seeing the end of 40 days and 40 nights. I can't believe I've never managed to see the whole thing. But now I have and I feel like a so much better person. Hehe, I'm just kidding.

tires and anniversary

I've learned something new today. How to change the tires on a car. I got to do two out of four tires by my self(my mum got tired of waiting for me to wake up so she did the first two). And the whole time my aunt stood and laughed at me making jokes like: "If you get stuck on the side of the road with that outfit you don't have to change any tires." Very funny ^^.

Just now I realized that I haven't eaten today yet. I woke up at twelve (read: got woken up) and then I went on doing other things. So... But now I'm starting to get a little bit hungry so a sandwich doesn't sound so bad.

Don't you just love my facial expression? Haha, this is from the store when I bought the dress last year. Oh my god, that's so cool! I just discovered it's a year ago today that I bought it. =D

awake again

I couldn't sleep so I got up again. Maybe I didn't try too hard but I just wondered why I'm in bed trying to sleep? It's not like I have to get up in the morning and I don't want to sleep right now. So, it's better to just get up and enjoy the time I want to have. Cause the day tomorrow is nothing I'm looking forward to. Oh well, I'll go watch some TV and eat some chips (I know, I'm completely hopeless).


Carpe diem

I'm sorry, I don't really have much to write. I am just having one of those days when I wish life has gone by longer. I want to be around 22, you know. Have my own place, work, do all the things I want and be exactly how I want to be. Isn't it funny how we always wait for our lifes to start? We never just seize the moment and do what we can right now.

Seize the day, you who can. I'll wait a little longer.


I'm home. We had a fun day, but unfortunately it gave me a headache crashing and turning upside down like we did.

I'm home now, and my mother is forcing me to eat dinner, so I guess I will. I don't want to though. I'd rather just eat a sandwich or something a little later. Could I get away with that? Probably not.

Anyway, now only two things stand in the way of my drivers lisence: The theory test and the driving test it self!


Off to Gillinge, bye!


I've been looking at some apartments (just from my computer that is). And I found a few that I really like. Oh, I really want to move! But it'll have to wait. I guess this is a time in my life that I really learn to be patient. It sucks, but it's probably good for me.


I just changed my sheets. It's always nice to go to bed with new sheets. And my whole room smells like nail polish cause I just used some on my nails. I like this one, it's quick dry and it's a very discrete colour, but sometimes I think it's a bit too discrete. Cause it's just slightly pink, but very see through. I just wish it was more pink and less see through. When I get money I will buy one just like it. It's IsaDora, very good. It says long lasting on the bottle too.


The cold weather spred and infected my body. So I decided to take a long nice shower, which I did. But when I stood there I started to feel very very dizzy so I had to sit down. I guess it's my lack of nutricious meals today that caused it.

I'll better go fix it, ciao!


It's cold today. I just got back from a walk with the dog. And before that I made some French Toast for breakfast/lunch. Call it what you want.

And you know what? I actually got dressed today ;)


Instead of just complaining about the darkness I decided to do something about it, so I've lit som candles around the house.

Also I've done the work I had to do. It took me a little over two hours, so it wasn't so much. It never is, but it's better than nothing at least.


I can't believe how dark it is outside. It's only five o'clock and it's been dark for more than an hour. It really shows how quickly time goes by. I haven't gotten out of my pyjamas yet, or not the pants at least. But it's very cozy. Just what I need.


Right where I want to be


I woke up a while ago. I'm very hungry but I don't feel like eating, quite the opposite from other times when I just keep eating.

Anyway, I moved the computer back to the desk and now I'm sitting here working on the project. I haven't really startet cuting out pictures and stuff like that but I'm writing and writing. I'm writing down all of my ideas and some furniture on different pages in the magazine. But I really wish I had that carpet magazine that I looked in a couple of days ago. My fear is that someone threw it out.

Anyway, have a great day everyone.

(And btw, later I'm helping my mum do some sorting which gives me money, not a lot but I'm desperate. I really need a job but I don't know where to go now...)

monday night

Just got back from A. We saw the movie Luther and it was about, you won't believe it, Martin Luther! Oh my god! (I'm only joking)

It was ok, though I missed parts of it joking around with J. It was fun, the joking around thing. Also there were some jokes that were very low and M got upset with the fact that he got married in the end, and marriage means... (did I give away too much?)

Now I'm here with a cup of tea, like always. Also I'm waiting for M (another M, maybe I should start writing names it's not as though anyone would get hurt by it...). But until he arrives I'll carry on with my project. So, toodles! =P


I have a new project. I'm going to make a collage of how I want my new place to look like. If I can't move I can at least dream, right?

So I've got some magazines and then I'm going to cut and glue (I don't have any right now but I will). And of course I need a large paper to put it all on, but it can't cost much. I'll just ask my father to sponsor me on this one =)

It'll be great, at least it will kill some time. I'll take a photo when it's done.


Could have been...


I'm going to A later. We're watching some stupid movie about Christianity. Yes, it's for school. Not that I mind reading about Christianity, I think it's good to learn more about all different kinds of religion, but I don't feel like watching this movie. And afterwards we're having a discussion and then we're supposed to present it in front of the class.

I'm so positive today ^^


I feel exhausted today. I have a big lack of motivation. I just want things to be different than they are. But I can't change anything. I hate being powerless like this.

But after rain comes the sun, right?

don't know how it happened

Oh my god, I'm so stupid! I was just lying in my bed reading my stupid book - and I fell asleep. So I've been sleeping for about two hours now. I can't believe myself.

Shit pommes frites.


I was turning on my computer to tell you that I was home and that I was cozying with my boyfriends shirt and socks and all, but it all changed cause something came up and I don't feel that warm feeling anymore. But I'll get it back. I have to, cause it was nice after this stupid day.


Leaving now. See you when I get home, which I don't have any idea when I will be.


I just got back from church. I felt very out of place to be honest. And it all went by very fast. I couldn't really keep up with everything. Oh well, it was only for an hour so it wasn't too bad.

Now I'm going to clean, I wanted to do it last night but that upset my mother for some reason so I couldn't. And now I have to do it now. I who wanted to get it done =(

And after that I guess I have to take my sister home, ans hopefully I get to eat some lunch first too, cause I'm hungry.


I woke up and I had to look for some papers and as I was standing by my desk doing just that, a cat comes sneaking up on me. He's so cute. Now he's lying next to me tapping his tail.

I'm not sure if I actually have time to eat my breakfast here in my bed, it tends to take a little longer to finish then. But I don't care, cause this is very nice. Anyway, my first stop is the church (!), and then I think I'm going to drive my sister back home to her place.

Toodles! (=P)


The day is over in one minute, and in two hours we're supposed to turn back our watches one hour. That means an extra hour to sleep, great! It was a good day, the little dog came to visit. She's very cute but her teeth are way sharper than my hands can take!

Anyway, it was pretty good and I hope my sister had a good day too, cause that's the most important thing.


I really need a new mascara...

trapped in my room cause everywhere else is too cold...

I'm super duper tired. But at the same time I really don't feel like sleeping right now. That that I have anything else to do but. I read one chapter of my book for school earlier, but that's all I can take for today, and one chapter is more than nothing.

Rasmus and his look-a-like

Cause he's just the cutest <3

Doesn't it look just like Rasmus? I don't really like the face of this kind but other than that, it's so much like him. Especially from when he was young, like this one is. But I don't have any pictures on my computer from that. Cause I didn't have a camera at that point.


The only thing I said last night was good night so I guess good morning will do today?

But I have to congratulate my sister, cause it's her birthday. She's turning 22 this United Nations day. I think we're having our cousins over for dinner, cause downstairs they're baking two cakes. And it's only 11:51. I wish I'd gotten more sleep this morning, woke up at ten, but you can't always have what you want, can you?

Happy Birthday!


Good night everyone!


I just feel like being alone tonight. I wonder if you can see Idol online? Otherwise I might not bother. Just me, food (yes I'm eating like a horse right now) and my computer. But my sister's coming here tonight so I'm not sure if my plan will work. I just want to live the way I want to right now. And I'm not. I really want my own place. But I'll stick it out for a while longer.

Anyway, the first thing I need to do is take the dog out for a walk. I'm already mad at her so we'll see how good friends we are coming back from that... And when I'm done with that I need to wrap in my sister's present - it's her birthday tomorrow.

(And I did forget something at school, all my Swedish things. How am I supposed to prepare my stupid speech now?)


I didn't get the job. And it's a little sad, but at the same time I did feel that maybe I wouldn't be able to handle it, and I guess she felt the same. But next week, yeah there's no school, I will dedicate to find a job. The major reason to why I wanted it was that it gave more money than many other jobs, but right now I'll take what I get.

But I wanted to say that I got the pictures from school today. Not the catalogue, which is the one I want the most, but the other ones. It turned out okay, I guess. It could have been better, but it could also have been a lot worse. I don't think I will be keeping it. Maybe one. I'm not sure. I'll see what my mum says, cause in that case, she'll be paying for it and maybe she doesn't want to.

Abortion (again)

I'm home from school. And if you want to know, I found the video about abortion: So... I don't know. Don't watch it if you're sensitive. It's not exactly the same video as I saw the first time but almost.

I'm not really against abortion, but just don't get pregnant if you don't want a child, ok? And if you do, give it up for adoption or something. Cause this is really disgusting. But I do think you should watch it.

sleep and TV

Things didn't exactly go the way I planned. I spend a while in front of the TV, watching something and then Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I have created some sort of addiction. Then I heated up left overs from yesterdays dinner and ate it, watching Charmed on my computer. And some time after finishing it I fell asleep. I got up about thirty minutes ago and then I went down stairs. My mum had made popcorn that I gladly helped her finish and I also joined her watching, is it called Southland? But I wasn't too fond of it so I left. And now I am here.

Don't you really care about all of this? ;)


I just saw the nastiest video about abortion. I'm sorry I don't have a link cause I saw it on Facebook. But it was from somewhere, if you want to watch it. But don't do it right before dinner, just a tip.


I have a confession to make. I went to bed at three o'clock. So you can imagine that I'm extremely tired. I'll try to sleep a little right now. Maybe for thirty minutes or so (by the way my cat is snoring next to me).

I didn't put on make up today, it's not a big thing but I just chose to sleep a little more after my breakfast instead. And then I slept in school too. Cause we had a long lunchbreak so I laid down on two chairs and got a few minutes, it was actually very helpful.

Once a planner, always a planner

I called again, third times a charm. Meaning I spoke to her and she said it was allright, just like I thought she would but it's better to ask her.

I didn't even realize the time had gotten to be so much, but I noticed my mum was going to bed so I started wondering. I'm not going down just yet, I still have some stuff to do. Yes, I suck. Better get to it then, no more chances. Or... I could go up earlier and do it tomorrow morning. Cause we have a Cooper test in the morning, but with this throat I ain't running nothing. So I don't start until ten something and then I could be up by eight and study for an hour. Sounds good.


Bored and hungry. Maybe I'll make some tea and some nice sandwiches and watch something on my computer.


My friend is in Holland now. With her boyfriend. Oh, I'm so jealous!

Anyway, I called my old teacher again, but she still wasn't in. She had one of those classmeatings, so I did think about stopping by and ask her in person. You know, I live like five minutes away from the school. I could take the dog out for a walk and just happen to pass by... I don't know. We'll see.

good nighty

I'm not tired at all since I slept for a long time today. But I'm going to bed anyway, cause I will be tired soon and I'm "working the night shift". Hehe. So, good night everyone. And I'm hoping I'm better by tomorrow. Keep you fingers crossed.

still searching

I tried calling my old teacher to ask her about using her as a preference (do you call it that?). But she wasn't in, and her daughter that I spoke to didn't know when she'd be back. But I'll try again later. And I just feel that maybe I'm simply not cut out for this job. So I also tried calling some pizza restaurant that my friend told me were looking for people. He told me to call again tomorrow.

I feel like taking a shower, maybe I'm hoping for it to warm me up a bit, ut I'm afraid standing for too long won't make my headache go away. It might enhance it.

in my own little bubble

I'm cold, and I have a headache. I guess I'll just eat something as a substitute for real dinner soon. And maybe I'll pretend that the world outside don't exist for just a little bit longer.


So I did the interview. I'm not sure how it went. I'm not very good at this. I think that the fact that we have to read people scares me a bit, cause I'm not good at that. I think that this job would do me good - but I'm not sure what I would do for it.


Off we go. Wish me good luck, cause I'm gonna need it <3


I'm awake again. It felt incredibly nice to sleep for a while. My throat still hurts, and I'll see about the head and all once I get up and moving.

It's got nothing to do with the text, but I finally got some pictures from my phone up to my computer, but it is still not working the way it's supposed to and I have no idea how to put music on the phone. But this is better than nothing!

sick again

I was just about to go when I turned around. I'm just not feeling well so why should I force myself to go? It's better to stay in and get better. I have the interview later and I will go to that, but it feels very... stupid... to go to school like this. I do miss out on things, things that I would have liked to be a part of, but it's better to rest I think.
So, better go back to bed and sleep for a while and hope that this headache is gone when I wake up. I can't take any pills either, cause my throat is too swullen to swallow them. But I took two yesterday and you shouldn't take too many too close to each other anyway so.


Stupid Megavideo. They've changed so that you only can watch 55 minutes at a time instead of 72. Very mean.


I have a job interview tomorrow. It's my first ever so I'm a bit, I wouldn't say nervous but I'm not really sure how to do it. I have had a job before, but it was long ago and it doesn't really count. And I did not get it myself either, I took over after my sister.

I'm more nervous about tomorrows school. First I still need to make those five questions, and second I guess I have the presentation in History. I have done it, I'm just not prepared. But I have an hour free after Religion tomorrow morning so I'll get prepared then. But I hate oral presentations, it's like torture. =/

Oh well, I hope my nail polish dries soon, cause I decided to add another layer. Partly because it's so hard to remove it and partly cause it's a little bit nicer going to an interview I guess. It gives a little bit of a better first impression. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.


(Is it spelled nailpolish or nail polish? Cause Word says nail polish but my bottle says nailpolish…?)

questions for a priest

I was just going to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I feel asleep and slept for two hours. I guess I needed it. My mother has dinner ready soon and I guess that after that I need to write five questions to a priest, it's our assignment in Religion for tomorrow. Not really looking forward to it. I have no ideas of what to ask a priest! I don't believe in the Bible at all and I do not like most of the ideas that they have. I know the questions can be critical too, but they have to be good and insightful in order to give me a good grade, which I want to. I just have no energy for it. Sorry.

no green?

I was going to make some lunch, but we didn't have any vegetables what so ever (okay, olives might count). And I really wanted some so I called my mother and asked her to get some on her way home. So I still my hunger with cookies instead, very good. Yeah, right.

versatile and versatility?

Apparently there's someone calling herself Versatile, which is very close to Versatility. I'm not sure what to do about that... Maybe I should just change my name... I bothers me a bit, I must say.


Good morning, or not really cause I'm not feeling too well. So I'm staying in today, that means I miss the film and I did want to see it, but... Health comes first (exactly what I'm thinking when I eat all those sweets instead of eating real meals ^^)
   Anyway, I was going to call in sick but I didn't understand how to. I called the number, and some voice told me either to leave a message or press "9" to actually speak to someone. Hm... Help me? J, are you reading this before 12? You've called in sick, how do you do it??? =(

Not Harry Potter!!!

I just saw an ad that you can buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for 25 fucking kronor. That's just embarrassing (and I know I can't spell that). Oh my god. I'm so upset. I'm such a Harry Potter fan so it just makes me very sad that they're treating this precious book like this. And I have often found it thrown into boxes with some other books in food stores. A big lack of respect to all the books in there. =(

dagens i-landsproblem

I still have the nailpolish on. But I should either remove it or paint new on top of it, cause right now it doesn't look good. But I'm too lazy to do either one of them. Painting new is the least effort taking, but I always screw it and gets marks and stuff on them. And I'm going to bed soon and I don't want to wake up tomorrow with red stains all over my sheets (I am talking about the nailpolish!). I changed my sheets today so it would be horribly sad, cause I only have to sheets that fit this round bed of mine.

Anyway, school tomorrow. And we have this drug thing. Very boring. But a man's got to do what a man's got to do. No, I'm just kidding.

Good night, before I babble on too much.

The result :

I'm done. And I just have to tell you how funny my cat is. Every time I do this, redecorate that is, he has to walk around and inspect it or something. I think he liked it today, cause he decided to stay. =)

See, he's lying in my bed, and he never does that cause he prefer my parents bed.

And that's that - now I have to study for a while. Wish me luck!


It's nice that I have soar muscles from carrying bags from the store yesterday ^^. It really shows how fit I am, don't you think?

change is good

I'm going to redecorate my room now. It's so hard, cause with this big bed of mine I don't have many options. I love my bed, but it does create problems, and that my desk is screwed to the wall doesn't make it any better. But I'll see what I can come up with...

sunday morning

No nightmares! Yay! Hehe, Good morning, hope you had a night as good as mine, or better if you had someone beside you.

Anyway, I started this day with eating a cookie and drinking some soda that I left on my desk last night. Healthy, Carro, healthy.


I just got back home after a movie night at my sister's with her and our cousins. It was nice, but now I'm so tired (as always =P). We saw Vingar av Glas (I think it's called) which I thought I hadn't seen, but I discovered I had, but it didn't matter. It's pretty good. But I think we should have gone with Fight Club anyway. Oh well.

I'll see you all tomorrow. Hope you had a great day

(And hope I won't be dreaming nightmares again cause I've done that two nights in a row now... =/   )

Never study, eh?

I'm getting ready to go to my sister. Don't really feel up to the long travel with train and bus etc. But hey, you do what you got to do. Guess I'll bring something to study.

And I was so insulted last night! M said that I never study. And of course I asked him where the hell he got that from, it's not like he knows what I'm doing all day. And so he said: "I looked at your notebook when we were on the bus, and it was just full of hearts and stuff". So he says I never study cause one of my notebooks that I keep on my desk at home (it has nothing to do with school and btw it was in the summer!) is filled with drawings and other crap. Very nice. Stupid M.

It's not like I have bad grades, I'd like them to be better and they're not the best, but it's not like they are bad in any way. No, I was very insulted by that comment.


Good night everyone! I just have to tell you that I have hick- ups. And it's really starting to bug me. Can you really sleep with that?


I got my stay-at-home-Friday. Just like I wanted. Very nice. And I was laying in my bed watching an episode of Charmed before, and I happened to fall asleep. So I missed it, but it was good getting some sleep. Then M called and woke me up, but he can wake me up any time <3

Well, now we're going to watch our recorded Criminal Minds from this Thursday. And last episode ended really... exciting. So talk to you after that!

in or out?

I was supposed to go out tonight. But first of all I haven't heard from my sister. And second I just feel like staying at home. Drink tea and watch Idol on TV.

I hope so, I will see my sister tomorrow anyway, and she can by me a drink any time. But tonight I want to stay in.

bad time studies

It's really bad how I seem to only be able to study in the evenings. I can't study in the afternoon when I get back from school, or in the weekends all day. Only at night. It's 00:00 right now and I have been studying for maybe two hours. It's been going really good - but why can't I just do it earlier? This makes me so tired... I have to work on that. But how? Damdamdam

I'm just kidding. But it is a problem... Well, good night everybody


I was just doing some things on Facebook when it all of a sudden turns language to spanish or something. I don't understand what happened ^^

Why is everything acting so weird today?


I was supposed to take a shower, but that was 1 hour and 30 minutes ago. I happened to fall asleep. But it was nice. I needeed it.

Doktor Glas

Have to start reading it soon. The clock is ticking. But it's kind of hard reading four books at once. First I have the book for German class, then the English, then the Swedish and now this. So I'm not really motivated I must say. But I know I have to get to it. And I will. Eventually...

It's definately one of my favourite books. If you haven't read it - do!


I'm so sad! J was looking at my blog on her computer in school, but it didn't look like it's supposed to so I wondered what was wrong. The typing was totaly different both in the text and the headers and the name "Versatility". And then I went to Word to look at different kinds of styles and she didn't have the ones I have. So maybe that's the problem? If anyone knows if this could be it, please let me know!

Thank you.

can't make up a good headline

I found that the only place in this house I can be is my room. It's just too damn cold everywhere else. And they're all saying that it's just because I have it so warm in my room, but why should I have to be cold everywhere? It's starting to get as cold as it is in school. And that's really horrible.

Oh my god, I'm really complaining about everything, aren't I? Well, something positive is that I did better on my math test than I thought. I don't think I did as well as I'd really like to. But I think I at least passed it!

Maybe I'll talk to you later, I'm going to bed in a while but hopefully I'm getting up again after sleeping a little. We'll see how it turns out, cause M is sick too so maybe he just wants to go to bed.


I'm tired. I want to sleep. But mostly I want to make up with my boyfriend cause he's mad at me (for good reasons but still). But I think he's asleep or something. We are both constantly very tired. Hehe. I wonder if that's´got anything to do with the fact that we're up talking to each other at night. Hm. =P

14/10 2009

Getting ready to go to school and fail my test. I'm so tired because of too little sleep and emotionally tiring things... That's all I'm saying.

But at least I'm on my way to booking both the theoretical and practical drivers license test. That's a good thing =)

I see the future before it happens ^^

So I've been struggleing with my math. And I've got no one to help me and a test tomorrow. And I don't know what the point of taking the test is when I know it's going to be IG. I'll talk to my teacher and see what he thinks. He'll probably just say that I should do the test and that I won't fail it, but I already know I will and that's not cause I'm negative. That's cause I know I don't get any of this. But we'll see what he says.

(One time I managed to get out of a test saying that I had like ADHD, and I got to take it a few days later. Hm, very nice of him but a bit unfair maybe?)


Study, study, study! Just a few hours til I need to go to bed, and the test is tomorrow. So I've got a lot to do. Maybe I can get some help too, but no one usually understans what I'm doing so I don't think I will.


I'm leaving soon. I have another lesson in driving. And M was going to connect but he hasn't shown up yet. I hate sitting around just waiting. It's ok if I don't have anything else to do, but my time is limited here. I guess it's really no big deal but it still bothers me. Haha.


Good day!

I'm sitting in the couch with a dog in my lap. She's very cute. But I did like her a lot better when she was a puppy. And speaking of puppies, I haven't seen my cousins puppy for weeks! I bet she's no puppy anymore =P

I'm so tired, I had a late night yesterday, and the day before. So tonight I'm going to bed early. Oh shoot, I have a math test tomorrow. I totally forgot! =/


I am a 100% sure that that's snow falling from the sky. It might melt down before hitting the ground, but it is snow. *sigh*

I'm so hungry, so I better get some food, see you when I finish or something.

in a mess

I tried to write earlier, but it was so unwilling so I gave up. It wasn't worth waiting ten minutes for. But now it's working again and I'm sitting by my desk, amazed by the fact it was clean once. And although it's not very messy in my room, it's still more messy than I'd like to have it. So maybe it's time to do a real good, deep clean? And I always like to redecorate and switch place on all the furniture, but with my big stupid bed it's so hard and I don't really know how to. But I really miss the feeling when it's all done. It's so tidy and fresh and wonderful <3

See how tidy it once was?

lazy me

Oh my god, I am so lazy. Always saving the work to the very last minute. And I always say that I'm going to change, that next time will be different. But it never is. How do you change stuff like this?


What a horrible day. It's cold and it's raining. Just like always this time of the year I guess, but it still sucks. I should move to a warmer country.


I'm going to my sister now. Cause my mother thought I should drive a little so I'm driving to her. Really I should study but I'm just not motivated. How do people do this?


I just painted my nails. I'll try not to mess it up this time but I always do so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully it will turn out ok. Really, I should make another layer as well, but if this turns out good, is it worth the risk?

Whish me luck!


My computer is infected by a virus! How nice. Wonderful. And such a great timing too. Oh, I'm so happy today!


So I'm just about to shut everything down when my mother shouts: "False alarm! It doesn't start until ten!" Which is in an hour. Which means I don't really feel like staying up to watch it. Oh well.

Without a Trace

And I'm going to miss the beginning soon if I don't hurry. Love


I said good night early to M last night, I was just too tired. I hate doing that, but I just couldn't stay up longer. So I slept for a long time this morning, it was great and very well needed. Then I took a nice warm shower and now I'm up and ready! In about two hours I have to take "Riskettan", the lecture about drugs, alcohol and something more that you have to go before taking your drivers license. And I should eat something, but today I just don't really want any food. Isn't it weird? Yesterday I wanted every bit of food that I could think of, and today I can't think of anything that I want... Strange. But I have to eat something, and I will.

See you later Alligator =P


I'm so tired, the little time I slept when I got back home wasn't enough. I'm just going to watch the results from Idol and then I'm definately going straight to bed. I was thinking abt taking a shower, but I'll do that tomorrow morning instead.

in front of the TV

Watching the final minutes of Who wants to be a millionare. Idol starts soon, which I missed last week unfortunately. But today is a new day, I hope they're good. Just two minutes to go.

enjoy your evening!


My dog is weird. She keeps laying down on top of me, taking my place when I move just a little bit and nagging for something. I don't know what she wants. I wonder if this is what she used to be like with my sister, but now she's moved out so she has a new "victim". Hm.. I thought she'd hate me after I decided she wouldn't be welcome in the kitchen anymore. But apparently not.

And by the way, there's nothing to watch on TV


Jorden kanske snurrar
Runt solen varv på varv
Genom himmlens dörrar
Ska livet gå i arv

Men Betlehem
Det var länge sen
Som tre vise män
Kom till Betlehem

Jag har aldrig saknat
En hoppfull framtidstro
Ändå har jag vaknat
Och känt min ångest gro

Men Betlehem
Det var länge sen
Som tre vise män
Kom till Betlehem

Jag är glad i alla fall
Att min sommarglass är kall
Att mitt vinterelement
Kan ge mig värme
Men i botten av mig själ
Finns det ängslan gått och väl
Men mitt skratt är nog min bästa ägodel

När jag så bekänner
Att jag är rädd ibland
Kan det finnas vänner
Som sträcker ut en hand

Men Betlehem
Det var länge sen
Som tre vise män
Kom till Betlehem

Jag är ganska nöjd ändå
För att du vill höra på
Det finns alltid någon mun
Som aldrig lyssnar
Och jag får göra vad jag vill
Tills nån annan säger till
Jag kan se på dig igenom min pupill
Alla goda féer försvinner allt för fort
För att Fareseer vaktar vid min port

Men Betlehem
Det var länge sen
Som tre vise män
Kom till Betlehem

// Ted Gärdestad

I WANT food!

I have a thing for food today, normally when I crave for things it's soda or candy or chips or something. But today it's food. I just want to eat this meal and that meal and so on. Very weird. I've already had lunch, and I shouldn't eat more right now... But I really want to! Gaah! Control yourself!



I'm at school, I have a history presentation about greek philosphers to prepare. But I'm so tired, I went to bed around 2.30 which is super super late for me. Maybe I'll go home after lunch... (that's not skipping school cause we don't have to attend the hours set out for our project)


Everything always half hearted.

taste advice

My mum has been running in and out of my room wearing different combinations of clothes. She's going to a cruise tomorrow and wanted me to help her out. It ended with me lending her my cardigan. Hope I don't need it for tomorrow...

And speaking of clothes and stuff, my feet are killing me! I've been walking around with high heels all day and I had just a pair of nylon socks on, which was a mistake. Hopefully the pain will be gone by tomorrow.



As you all know I've been looking for a job, and finally someone answered me something other than no. Maybe. But I got a mail asking if I could work over Christmas and New Year. Christmas, sure, but not on the night of Christmas Eve. I simply don't think it's worth loosing the best day of the year for work. You've got to get your priorities straight. And another thing, I would like to go to M right after new year...

But... this might be my only way in, you know. And I want to take it, but at the same time it's a bit weird.

in school

I'm in school, finished the morning jog from hell about an hour ago. Now I'm in the library with A and we're supposed to prepare our presentation. And we will, but this lesson is so long I can't work through it all anyway, so I might as well write here a little bit first ;)

But that's that. See you later

up, up and awaaaaaaaay!

I wasn't planning on writing this morning, cause I didn't think I'd turn on my computer. But I had to e-mail something to myself so that I can print it at school. Now that's done, but I'm not really in a hurry anyway. I feel like taking a shower, but it feels unnecessary to shower twice within two hours. Don't you think?

I'm not sure what to wear, I'm brining heels but I think I'm also taking something else with me in case I bail. Haha. And in case I have to walk home of course!


I'm sorry I haven't been very active today. I just haven't been in the best mood, you know. Anyway, I have a headache, and I'm cold and my neck hurts and also my stomache a bit. But I don't have a fever. Which is good.

Track tomorrow morning. I am not looking forward to it. I don't know how my legs are supposed to manage that, I just recovered from the run the day before yesterday. But I am going to participate, even if I don't want to. That's just life. Deal with it.

But now I have a nice cup of tea, and I'm going to go to bed and read Hana-Kimi.
Good night <3


Good morning!

I just got out of a nice, warm shower. And now I'm extremely hungry, so I'm going to go down and make me some breakfast and also study some English for the test today. I know I should have done it earlier, but I have been very busy. And I often learn the words really fast... But I need to start, so good bye for now.

sleep tight

I'm giving up. Meaning I'm going to bed. I watched NCIS and now I'm done for the day. I don't know why, but my neck is killing me, plus I have a soar throat. There's always something wrong, isn't it? Anyway, good night.

(Oh no! I've forgotten all about my English test tomorrow!)


Driving today went well, but now I am so tired. I just want to sleep, and I guess I will early. But it's not even eight o'clock yet so I can stay up a bit more. But the TV seems like a good idea!


mad again

I don't know what it is about me that makes everyone so mad. Today is one of those days, everyone is just mad! Oh well, I'm not so upset about it cause I don't know what I could've done differently since I don't think most of it's even my fault. And no need to worry about things you can't change, right?

driving today

Just got back home, leaving again in a little less than two hours, I have a driving lesson. And before that I have some theory home work to do. So, better get to it.


It's Tuesday morning. I'm getting dressed, I don't know which earrings to have... Hm, big problem, right? Anyway, I start in one hour and ten minutes with Religion. I do not want to take my bike. I hope my father comes home before I'm supposed to leave so that he can drive me ^^ Spoiled? A little bit.

Have a great day everybody!

study hard to earn success

After school we all went to M to study, which we did. It had taken us a long time to do but it wasn't even hard... I wonder why it has to be so hard to study in school?

Anyway, I'm still stuck with another assignment, due in 56 minutes. But there's no way I can make it. I'll give it an honest try, but... I'm always telling my self to stop putting things up to the last minute, but obviously I never listen.

Just learn your lesson, stupid!

Hehe =)

@ home

I'm back! Sorry for my absencse, but as I said I went away to play golf and I did not bring my computer. Anyway my sister has borrowed the internet so... Now I'm extremely tired. It was a hard weekend and running in the track first thing this morning wasn't such a great start to this day as you might think. I ran 5 km and then me and S was in the shower for a very long time before we went back to school and to class. Very needed.

So long!


I don't know why there always have to be something wrong with our internet connection! It keeps disconnecting. And I really need to pack, cause I haven't yet. And I should go to bed soon too. Cause guess what? I'm still tired!

See you Sunday!


Just got home. I'm still super duper tired. When do I get to sleep? Am going away this weekend to play golf. In Fjällbacka. The home of Camilla Läckberg. Hehe. I like her books. She has her seventh out now and I still haven't made the time to read the last one! And it's in my bookcase for gods sake! Oh, well. I'll get to it. I plan on living many years from now so it's not like I need to rush in to it.

So unless I write later today you won't be hearing from me until Monday. Okay, maybe when I get home Sunday evening.

Her fifth book, Tyskungen. Also the last one I read.

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