Seriously I suck! How much do you think I actually did today? I'm so disappointed with my self. When am I ever going to learn?


Bakar Naan-bröd. Råkade trycka bort receptet men jag får väl helt enkelt leta upp det igen, hehe =)


I have been working for a few hours now, and I'm taking a break just to eat a little bit. I'm thinking about actually baking pizza for dinner. I don't know, is it a lot of work? Anyway I "need" to go to the store to buy some soda. But I need to go out with the stupid dog anyway so I can just do it on the way. I don't want to tie her outside, but I'll make it quick. I think I'm going right away, so I have it out of the way.

See you later!

Att göra idag:

  • Jag ska sätta mig in i villkoren på Tradera för att kanske lägga upp några annonser. 
  • Jag ska städa, dammsuga och torka lite golv inför föräldrarnas hemkomst.
  • Jag ska arbeta, mamma har lite grejer hon ville att jag skulle hjälpa henne med och jag tror faktiskt att det kommer att ta mer tid än jag ursprungligen trodde (inte för att det är mig emot, det innebär ju bara mer pengar ^^)
  • Jag har studier att ta itu med. Dels en uppgift som jag är sen med och sen har jag en redovisning på tisdag som jag måste färdigställa.
  • Jag måste gå ut med hunden.

Det var nog det, men det var illa nog. Hur ska jag hinna allt det idag?

det funkar!

Äntligen! Det har ju inte gått att skriva varken inlägg eller kommentarer på ett bra tag nu!

Jag hade tänkt berätta om min förjävliga dag, men jag orkar inte ödsla tid eller energi på det nu. Kanske bara borde ta en kopp te och sen gå och lägga mig?


I was searching on Google for some resepies for garlic bread when this dialogue comes up saying something about viruses. But I have an anti virus programme installed and it doesn't seem to be a problem with it?

Winter day

I decided to take the dog out for a walk even though she's a pain in the ass. I don't have a choice I can't torture her just cause I don't get along with her... But my point is that we went on a walk in this beautiful snowy landscape. It is beautiful even though we're tired of it and want it gone.

It's very dark, but it's because the camera sucks ^^

No make up but with my lovely earmuffs. I've had them since I was ten or something =)

The Shawshank Redemption

I noticed The Shawshank Redemption's on tonight, unfortunately I didn't notice until after it started, and I want to see the whole movie. But I guess they'll show it some other time during my lifetime (unless I do tomorrow or something, which actually could happen even if it's not likely). And there's not much more to watch, sure there's Life, but that's also about it. Why don't they ever show anything on Fridays?

So off to bed instead! Good night everyone <3


I was watching Kendra on E!. And I just noticed that she's gained some weight. I mean, obviously she's pregnant and all, I don't know how much it's normal to gain. It's not like I care, obviously she can be any size that she wants to. I just noticed it. It's very apparent looking at her face and arms. I don't care, but I just noticed the big change.

moving on

I just gave up my dream of living in Italy, cause apparently it's the most expensive in Europe. But do not dispare! There are a lot of sunny destinations in which I could live. So it's just on to the next!

scrambled eggs

When I woke up this morning I really wanted cooked food, not just a boring sandwich so I made my self some scrambled eggs with tomatoes and ham, and I also toasted a slice of bread. Very english. It just reminds me of a hotel breakfast, which is one of the best things in the entire world. The only thing missing was the mushrooms, but we'll take it another day =)

(Sorry about the bad quality, it's with my old stupid camera)

invitation? are you kidding me?

The most stupid thing I've ever heard is that citizens from countries outside of the European Union or outside of the Schengen thing needs an ivitation from a swedish citizen to visit. Why is that? Why can't everyone have the right to visit any country they want to? What's so horrible about having tourists from outside of Europe visiting Sweden? Shit pommes frites. I just want my boyfriend to visit but apparently we need like a thousand documents before that can happen. I don't understand, what the hell is wrong with this world? When did we become this hostile?

It makes me very angry and it makes me very sad.

Angående Gina Tricots modellbyte

Jag var inne och läste lite angående att Gina Tricot har bytt modell. Och bland kommentarerna är det fler som säger att de inte kommer att handla på Gina mer, för att modellen är för smal?! Jag bara undrar hur ni tänker då? För det första förstår jag inte att man handlar på affärer som har bra modeller, man handlar väl på affärer med finast kläder, eller? Om ni har handlat där förut och trivs i deras kläder så kan ni väl fortsätta göra det, kläderna är detsamma även om modellen inte är det. Jag förstår faktiskt verkligen  inte alls era argument för det. Dessutom var den gamla modellen också jättesmal, eftersom modevärlden är formad så just nu.


I'm finally up, the alarm rang for 30 minutes before I got out of bed. Now I have to go down and see what my screaming cat wants and then it's out with the dog, then breakfast and then school.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

The magic wand remote control

We all know I'm a big Harry Potter fan. But even though I mostly think Harry Potter items are lame I've found something I want!


he likes his seafood

I took out some schrimp and defrosted them in the microwave, the only problem is that my cat caught the smell of them and now he's like crazy. I gave him one schrimp but it didn't help. And I put them in a bowl on the counter with some sauce and now I have to keep an eye on them so that he doesn't take them.

This is an old picture of him when he's licking the pan after our tuna fish dinner ^^


I couldn't get up this morning. It was very weird. And I thought I went to bed unusally early... So I went back to sleep and just made my next lesson instead. But when I was leaving this morning, our neighbour had parked his moped (my sister said it's called but I'm not sure) between our cars, and it was possible to get out, but it was hard. Why did he park it there? But I got out and after a meating with another car on a very small road I got stuck in the snow. Which was not only bad cause it made me late, but also very embarrassing. Luckily two guys drove by and helped me push. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

And we got to finish earlier today, cause our teacher got stuck somewhere too. But the most thing that got me annoyed today was that when I got home, that stupid moped was still standing on our parking lot! Why did he leave it there all day? Stupid boy...

finally some sleep!

I really don't see the point in me staying up all night trying to finish this shit. Obviously I'm already late with it and I don't think I'll finish it during the night anyway. I just feel like I shouldn't have invited Josie to come with me home today, cause if I'd been alone I could have gotten some things done. And when she left I made dinner and then fell asleep, sort of. Nothing mean ment to her, we had a good time and all but it wasn't the smartest thing to do...

Anyway, done is done and I'll just have to deal with it. Good night!

(sorry about no pictures btw, my mum borrowed my camera)


In the end m body couldn't take it anymore and I fell asleep in front of the TV. I just woke up again but really I just feel like going back to sleep. But I need to study. Bleuh!


I'm cooking! OMG!!! I don't really know what I'm doing, but it contains chicken, haha XD

My cat has finally decided to calm down and he's now laying almost on top of my computer. But he has been going around on the kitchen floor screaming. Also he jumped up and down the counters (okay, he jumped up and I took him down). So I'm glad he's resting now. What the hell was wrong with him? Frankly, I have no idea.

Anyway, no I'm finished and I just hope it tastes good =)

Tunisian commercial

Haha, I saw this when I was in Tunisia, they have a lot of them and they're all hilarious XD

babble warning

I'm so tired! (unusual ^^) I went to bed 2:30 and up at seven. I can barely keep my eyes open right now. Maybe driving to school isn't such a good idea? Haha. Anyway, I start in an hour, philosophy. And I haven't done my homework. I was hoping to do it during the day, but then I found that it was my first lesson so that plan failed. I guess I could get there a little earlier and start reading, to at least have the slightest idea of what we're going to talk about. Then we have english (I think) and then I have a two hour break followed by math. I am going home on that break, cause I need to feed the dog etc. The question is if I'll have energy enough to actually go back. For math?! Stupid schedule. It's easier to start with math, I hate staying in school while everyone else finishes and can go home. It's easier to start before everyone. But, anyway. I don't like math when I don't understand it, and I don't understand it right now and I don't recieve the help that I need to understand it. Which sucks, cause I think math's really funny when I do understand. So that sucks. It sucks even more that I really need to get VG to be able to even apply for the education I want. But I'll be very proud of my self if I do succeed. But to be honest, that's not the only reason I want VG in math. Cause you see, I don't have any G's, and I don't want to have it either. And having it in math would suck. It wouldn't affect my average grades though, cause I read too many points and I chose it as an extra course that doesn't show on that particular paper. But it would still suck.

No, look at me. Going on and on about nothing really. Got to go, see you when I get back!

it's burning!

My hans are very sensitive, and today they'd gotten way too dry. Usually I put some handcream on every day, every now and then you know. And it wasn't the first time I did it today either, but now they're burning like hell! It's excrusiating (which I for the record have no idea if I spelled correctly or not and I'm to lacy to check). I hope it goes away fast because it's litterarly all I can think of right now. Please go away!


"Add some zing". Hahahahahahaha! I didn't get it until now. But now I do, and it's hilarious! Don't you think? Oh right, it's says so in the commercial for Sourz (for those of you who are lame like me and watches Paradise Hotel)

Anyway, very funny. Good night everyone!


I just have to tell you! In my latest post I told you about A place in the Sun. Well, the couple is in Acapulco searching and the last house they saw was absoultely beautiful. I'm in love with it! Maher, can we move there? Haha. They sold it for £ 205 000. All furniture included. It had a pool, and a great seaview and just ten minutes to the city. And then furniture looked very good and it was very stilish. We didn't get to see the bathroom and the kitchen though, which I find to be the most important rooms, so I don't know. But they can't be so bad seeing the other rooms and areas of the property. A little too big for my taste (more to clean), but I can work around it =P

A place in the Sun

I'm watching A place in the Sun, which is a brittish show about people looking for houses in warm and sunny countries. And I'm soo jealous! I want to do that too, I'm just going to save money for it and then I'm off! Haha. Maybe one day.


I was just out walking the dog, and it was so slippery! I was about to fall several times. Not fun. And when we were on our way down a slope we met another dog and she started pulling the leash a little bit. Even less fun.

Anyway, it was so cold and my earlaps (?) are twice as fat. I don't know why they always do that when it's cold but... It's always good with fresh air =)

Happy Birthday

Good morning!

I'm home, big shock ^^
No, but seriously. I should go get it checked. But I won't cause I'm stubborn. I told you I send and e-mail to the support at blogg.se and they took the mystery post away. Apparently it was an old draft that had been posted, but I didn't find them among the drafts either so I don't know. And why would I have half of her answers among my drafts?

Anyway, now it's gone and we can all celebrate! And speaking of celebrate: It's Maher's birthday today! Weeho! Happy Birthday!

So Happy Birthday, I wish I could be there with you to celebrate, but I can't =( I just hope you have a good day anyway. <3


It's almost eleven and I'm sitting in the couch watching Paradise Hotel. I'm going to bed after this and a while ago my stomach was feeling good, but now it hurts a little bit again. So I don't know about school tomorrow, but we'll see. If I stay home I need to remember to call in sick, which I forgot today.

But anyway, I'm going to bed after this so good night everyone. Sweet dreams! (Oh, no. Sex and the City starts now, I want to watch it. Hehe. Anyway, see you tomorrow!)

about the mystery post

I just send an email to the costumer service at blogg.se asking them for help about the mysterious post that appeared on my blog yesterday. I really hope they can help me, and that they WILL. Cause I don't want it here and even if they all were my answers, I don't want it there! It's none of anyone elses buisness and even though it's nothing secret in there, why in hell is it on the internet for everyone to read? It's really inappropriate and it makes me mad that it can even happen in the first place. So they better solve it.  

The Sims

I am interested in interior design, but as you all know I don't have my own place so I can't really dedicate myself for stuff like that. But I played the Sims 2 a little bit, and I built a house for my self (actually for my sim, but ^^)

Haha, no, but it was a good idea although I got a bit bored.


I stayed home today. What's wrong with my stomach????!!! I just got back from a walk with the dog, it was actually very refreshing. And now I am sitting in the couch with the TV in the background and thought I'd get some studying done. Being sick doesn't mean being free from school. It just means catching up what you miss...

Almost Lover

I really really really like this song! I hope you do too <3


Har hållit på och redigerat lite idag, och jag vet inte hur men det finns i alla fall ett inlägg som heter Draft 24 Nov, eller nåpot liknande. Jag skulle ha lagt upp det kl 17:41 idag men det har jag inte. Jag hittar den inte bland mina inlägg så jag kan inte ta bort det. Det är en lista, som jag gjorde på Word för länge sedan. hittade den på någon blogg. Jag har många sådana listor sparade, och ungefär hälften av svaren är mina, den andra hälften tillhör den jag tog listan ifrån. Jag vet inte hur det gick till och jag hoppas på att få bort den... men jag vet inte. Pust. Hur hände det här?


My stomach is bad again. I wonder why... I tried thinking about what I've eaten, if I'd eaten the same of something to see if maybe that caused it... but I can't think of anything.


My dad and I went to the store to get some grocerys for the week. And we were supposed to buy some finished dishes that you can easily cook in the micro wave, but they didn't have anything good so I guess I have to cook ^^

Now, back to stuying!

My hair is kind of curly today, cause I tied it up when it was wet and then slept with it. Maybe I should get a perm?


Good morning!

I have a lot to do so I better get to it. Started of by helping my mother with some work, now I have school stuff to finsih until tomorrow, and I'm going with my father to pack the fridge for the week.

Have great day everyone!


TRUST is the foundation of a relationship.

why doesn't anything work?

I did some alterations on the design, I want to put up a header, cause I don't have one right now and I haven't had that since I took away the flowers that's originally there. And I promise you that I know how to put up a picture, but it doesn't work. And I don't know why it doesn't work, so it agitates me so much.

Anyway, I promised my parent's I'd watch a movie with them, they came home with some Danish thing. Didn't really feel like it, and then it didn't work at all. So I had to drive (my parent's had taken a glass of wine) down to the video store and change it. Came home and that DVD didn't work either. So we gave up. There were a Beck on TV but I've seen it and didn't feel like watching it again. Now I'm here and they are downstairs watching Law & Order.



I want help! I don't understand the HTML codes and I'm trying to change the text, I'm trying to change the background, I'm tying to put up a nice picture, but it doesn't work. It never works and it's not my fault cause I'm doing it right (yeah, probably ^^)

HELP ME! (please?)

stop bothering me

I keep getting pop up windows about restarting my computer to enable new installations to complete. And I will surrender to it, cause it's so annoying, and take a break from studying and take a shower while it does this.

breakfast time

Good morning everyone! I just really wanted to spoil my self this morning (it's not morning anymore but anyway). So I made all of this, like a hotel breakfast (which is the best thing in the whole wide world!). Now only one question remains: How the h*** am I going to eat all this?



I didn't get that afternoon nap I was talking about before. Which means I'm so tired right now. Maybe I should just go to bed?


Don't you just adore the socks I borrowed from my mother this morning? She got so sick of me borrowing her socks that she bought me three pairs today, haha!

ss - sleep and study

I just got back from school. Really I'm not very tired, but it's going to kick in soon, I promise you that. But before that happens I'll try to get some studying done and when I do start to feel tired I'll go to sleep for a while, so that I can do more studying afterwards. You see, I've slept 4 and a half hour the past 26 hours, and that's not enough. So I'm going to need some more in a while.

Keep it up! =)

need more caffein, that's for sure!

I just feel the panic come crawling up inside of me. I can't last this long without sleeping, it's a fact and I know it. But at the same time am I veyr well aware of the fact that I need to hand this in tomorrow at four if I am to ever have a chanse of recieving the grade I want.

But I don't know what to do. I'm forcing my self to stay up and to keep working, but with all the work that I have left to do, how am I supposed to do that? I could easily stay up one more hour, but more than that I'm not so sure of. I thought that maybe I should go to sleep for an hour, and then wake up and have new energy. But deep inside I know it wouldn't work. I don't think I could get up, leave the bed and just start working again? I don't think so. And I can't go to sleep for real until I am finished. Sure, I have two hours after school tomorrow to do a few things, but nothing major!

I just feel that I could have used two more days. Just two more days! Let's say we were to hand it in Monday, and I would feel perfectly relaxed, it would be a perfect date. But tomorrow, a four? No, I don't think I can handle it. And knowing that is so hard too! You know, I have to force my self to go against my body and stay up, working on something that I might not finish anyway. And what if I do finish it and my work only gets a G? Then it'd all be for nothing too, cause a G can I get handing it in next month or whatever. It's just very stressful.

I've been in situations where I have a deadline the next day and I try to sit up, but a deadline has never been this final before. A work handed it after this date is normally given a lower grade. And I don't know if they actually do have the authority to do that, but I know they do. In other cases they don't.

Anyway, sitting here writing about it won't do any good. It just sucks cause it's not a problem of me lacking of creativity right now, it's just a matter of time and a serious sleep depriviation. I've been playing with the thought of skipping school tomorrow, but I can only skip math, my first class, in that case. Cause I am working in a team on the History assignment and I can't let my team mate down I feel. I might skip math though...

I really need to get back to work now, keep your fingers crossed for me!


Well, the clock is definately ticking. I keep working on this stupid project constantly. I write new things, I change I do this I do that. But it doesn't seem to become finsihed. I just won't get it the way I want it and that's the way it is. And even though I probably could just stop soon and turn it in as it is, I don't want to. Cause I want to make it perfect. So I guess the whole night will be necessary to use for this. Oh my god.


I really didn't want to go all the way home from school... so I ran to make the train. I missed it by seconds. If the train had been on this side of the rail, I would have made it. But it wasn't, so I had to walk the whole way anyway.

Now I have a break for a little while and then I have a lot to do on the project.

time for bed

Good night!

I did work on my project and even though I have a lot to do before I can call my self finished I'm still very proud of the flow I got in to working on it. But sitting up all night tonight is not going to work, I can just feel that. So I'm leaving that for tomorrow if it's neccessary (which is a big risk I think). So I'm going to bed now, I don't think I will manage to get out of bed tomorrow morning, but that's a problem we'll take then, haha!

So, sweet dreams everyone!


Here it is! I don't think it's too bad, do you?


I just discovered they're starting over with the re-runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It seems they're already on season two... At the same time as I got happy about it I just thought "oh no, not again". I like it, a lot obviously, but having a time to sit in front of the TV two hours every day?

plans for the night

I've been thinking. Why do I keep pushing it with the project? If I work best at night, then why don't I just stay up and work then. Who cares if I'm a little bit tired in school the next day? I need to finish the project until four o'clock on friday. And if that means working at night, what bad does that do?

So that's what I'm doing tonight, and now I'll just relaxe with it. (by the way, I just got hick ups)

nightmares, projects and finished products

I got a letter saying that my drivers liscense (no, I can' spell) is ready to be picked up. I just wish I would have seen it before I went back to school, cause then I could have had it now, could have picked it up on the way back. Anyway, now I'm home and I need to work on my project... I'm getting a little bit stressed out over it. But it's not because of the deadline, which some people say. Cause we've had since August to do it, and we've known the finish date ever since we started so we can't exactly come the last week and complain. What's up with that?

And I just need to say something about my nightmares. Two nights in a row I've been having nightmares about being left behind in different ways. First it was Maher who passed away from me and then my parent's didn't want anything more to do with me so they just moved out of the country and broke all contact with me. Hello, I don't want to be alone!

Just hope it doesn't continue...

Since my uploading rate of pictures is incredibly low I'm going to post a picture of my self in my boyfriend's glasses. Haha, doesn't it suit me =P

free period

I'm home for a little while. I have a free period for about two hours and when you have a car, you go home!

good night

Being sick has made me spend the entire day in front of the TV, and E! has seriously shown the Golden Globe Awards all day long, and I'm sick of it! I don't want to watch it. (Dagens I-landsproblem)

Anyway, I'm going to beed soon, just watching a little bit of this Tough Love on tv3. Just to check out what it is...


I don't know why it bothers me seeing lobsters being boiled to death?!


I am sitting in the couch watching TV. I brought my computer and some other stuff to be able to study, but guess how well it's going? I don't know what's wrong with me? Why do I keep putting up these things? I'm not like that when it comes to for example cleaning. Some day I'm going to have to mature and just do it. Stupid Caroline.

sick Monday

I stayed home today. No further explainations.

I thought for a moment to make me some real breakfast, like an omelet, or maybe pancakes. But I decided to just go with a sandwich and some O'boy. Which is great, isn't it?

Anyway, got to go. Need to call in sick, vacuum clean the floor, eat breakfast and then I have a lot of work to do with my project, which I intend to use this day for.

I'll see you soon!


I always admired you. I was always jealous of you. I always wanted to be you.

And I'm sorry to say I still do. I wish I could just love my self and be happy with my self, but I want to be you.

(I wasn't supposed to write this, but I felt I needed to get it out somehow)



I have now finished working for my mother, only because I'm still sick and so, otherwise I would have continued a little bit longer. I just want to lay down in the couch and watch TV, but I have a feeling it's already occupied...


I'm having a lunchbreak now. My stomach isn't getting any better and it really wears me out just working with it. If I'm not better tomorrow I'll stay home from school. *sigh*

And my mother keeps running to the bathroom to desinfect her hands, cause she's terified of being infected in time for their trip to Fuerta Ventura. Which is next week (which also means I'll have the house for myself).


Good morning!

Today I'm going to work the whole day again, and even though it's hard and boring, I get money and I really need that so...

My stomache still hurts but I didn't throw up, which I thought I would. So alhamdo lelleh (it's like thank god or something in arabic) for that. So, let's get to it, I'll take a break sometime and I'll check in with you then. Enjoy your sunday!

getting worse

I have the worst stomach ache. Shit pommes frites. I don't exactly feel sick, like I want to throw up, but I wonder if this isn't how it started last time... I sure hope not...

Anyway, I'm going to watch Without a Trace with my parents soon on TV. And yeah, just hope I'm going to get better until tomorrow. Cause I'm supposed to help my mother then too. So, have a great night everyone!


I've been working six hours straight, and with no food. I'm hungry as hell and I feel a little bit sick. But you know what? I've made some more money =)

Flickan som lekte med elden

I'm going to bed. Just finished wathching Flickan som lekte med elden. We borrowed it from my cousin. It was pretty good, but I did like the first one better. We'll see what happens in the third one... dam dam dam (dramatically =P)

So, good night! I promised my mother to work for her tomorrow. So I'll be getting a little money at least, but I really need a real job. Someone?

Based on the novel by Stieg Larsson with the same name, for those of you who didn't know. But I don't think anyone's missed it.

fell asleep...AGAIN!

Haha! I fell asleep! I had dedicated this afternoon to work on my project, but I didn't manage to keep my eyes open so now I don't know. I feel just a little bit stressed about it, but I think I'll manage. It's more a question of me just doing it, and that's not always my strong side.


I drove by myself for the first time =D
I took the car to practice and it felt nice, it's just a very good feeling. And practice was great, we did fun stuff and it's nice to work hard and just push yourself. And right now I kind of wish I'd liked Keso, cause it's just so fresh and I really want something fresh right now. I'm guessing I'll take some yoghurt and some cereal or something, it's fresh too. Maybe yoghurt and fruits?

What a good day today was. I'm happy.


Third time's a charm

I know have my drivers licsense! Woho! So I'm extremely happy at the moment, that was seriously the worst thing I've ever done in my entire life. I've never ever been so nervous before. My legs were shaking when I stood still by red lights and such, and a lot too!

But now I'm done with it, thank god! Never again, a tip: Make it the first time, cause it's horrible doing a re-test.

It's the proof that I passed =) (A picture for once, eh?)

Being secretive

I'm home for a little while. I'm going away, so I had to go earlier from school. But what I'm going to do is a secret for now. Maybe I'll tell you later ;P

And now I have to eat something, cause I'm soo hungry! And I'm tired, cause after my cat woke me up I didn't sleep until a little before twelve. Grrr!

stupid cat

I did go to sleep, and it was great. But I insisted that my cat would sleep with me, but he just ended up waking me up just in time to could keep him from throwing up right on my new carpet. Stupid cat. And when I tried to go back to sleep I couldn't. I guess that by then I'd slept just those twenty minutes to get you going for a couple of more hours ^^

But I'll give it another try, bye!


I miss you guys so much!

I've been so busy missing Maher all the time, that I forgot about everyone else that's dear to me. But I really do miss you all and I think that you are great people and I really would like to see you sometime. Cause no matter what I love you, and I will love you forever. You've done a lot for me and I don't want to lose you. Especially not like this... I miss you! <3


I'm sorry I haven't written anything today, until now. I've been laying completely lifeless in my bed watching series. And I just feel a big need to throw up, are there pills to make you throw up?  My stomache would feel a lot better if I did... Sorry, I won't disgust you by talking about puke. Very classy ^^

Anyway, going to bed early is the plan. I have something tomorrow that's in need of my full focus and I am sure that will come out of sleeping and eating properly. So... I will see you all tomorrow I guess, cause I'll go to bed in just a little while. Good night!


For once it's sooooo hot in my room! I'm burning up! Anyway, I got a chocolate santa from my father, and it tasted like shit. way too sweet and way too little percent of chocolate. And I can't get the taste out of my mouth. =(

And studying isn't going very well. It's not going bad, but it's maybe not going as smoothly as I invisioned it. And it makes me feel nervous about tomorrow. I have a feeling I'll be staying up all night. And I go from eight to four tomorrow! How am I going to manage?

Just thought some motivation could be good, haha. Don't I look extremely happy XD

an afternoon nap

I fell asleep. I was actually working (reading my book) and I just felt my eyes closing all the time. And so they closed for good (for good?) and I feell asleep. And I had the weirdest dreams... Anyway, now I'm awake, with new energy. At least I hope so, if you sleep too long it tend to have the opposite effect. But, but, but. Back to business!


I'm finally getting to it! I have a lot of work to do today cause I don't want to feel so naked tomorrow when we're supposed to bring all the work we've done so far. I just want something to have to show him. So today is a busy day. I left school early to have a driving lesson, and I could have made it (just a little bit late) to my last class but I decided to just go home. So now I have the whole day and evening to study, and I really need to do it. But I'm working on it. Maybe I should shut down internet completely, so that I won't get tempted?

Haha, no. But back to work now!

burned pizza

Dinner today is some left over pizza from yesterday and some fries. Unfortunately I burned the pizza on one place when I heated it in the micro wave oven, it didn't want to be heated so long. But I only put it in for three minutes... Anyway, it was just a small piece and it's very good anyway.

Hope you had a good day!


I'm debt free now. Completely. Absoultely. Not even a little little little bit debt left. I know I've said I was before but this time it's really so. No exceptions. It's such a big relief. Everything I have now is my own and it's mine to spend. Of course what I have now is as good as no money but still.

I'm going to write to McDonald's and see if they have something for me. Note that McDondald's has been my nightmare job for years. I'm clearly desperate.

But... I'm debt free!


I went to the bathroom and came back to my room with a dog in my bed. She looked so guilty and she was very well aware of the fact that she'd done something she's not supposed to. She was actually very cute, but...

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about. I am constantly thinking about my future and what the next step is. And there have been two educations that's intressed me. One is to be a guidance councelor. I could see my self as it and I think it's a nice job. But it's not very well payed. Of course you survive and all but... I've always wanted to do more than to just survive, you know...

And the second is... shit pommes frites... what's that called in English? Hang on... google translate says control officer. Anyway, they sit in the tower at airports and make sure everything's going smoothly and that the planes doesn't collide and such. I haven't looked in to it more deaply but it sounds fun (and it's well payed =P) But it's really hard to get in, a lot of people are interested and there aren't many places plus they have really hard tests. Also the education is three years in Linköping and one year in Malmö. And those are two big factors that's leading me the other way...

But my father had looked at the guidance councelor education while I was in Tunisia, and they require one years work experiense first. So either way I'm going to work for a year and then we'll see what I'm going to do.


I just got back from the airport. Me and my dad went to buy some things in the store on the way home and we were going to get Cheese Doodles, but they didn't have it! They just had Cheese ballz (which I can tell those of you who hasn't tried it is disgusting). Stupid store. I wonder how it is that everything is so stupid today? =P

Haha, I'll cheer up. I do have some reading to do today. Quite a lot acually so I'd better get to it. Have a great day!

stupid sunday

I just woke up... I'd rather just go back to sleep but I can't cause we're driving my sister to the airport and I have to drive. I don't want to, obviously.

Anyway, I guess I'd better get up and eat some breakfast. I want hot coco, that's for sure. But really I don't want to eat att all... I know I have to, but...

Okay, anyway. I guess I'll see you when I get back and I really do have to read my book today, cause I'm starting to be in trouble and I really need to finish it as soon as possible.

(Why is it always Sundays? I just want to be home and lay in my bed and do nothing or just nothing with effort. But they always find something for me to do it seems. Stupid family. Stupid Sundays. )


I went in to my parent's room and I took the cat from them. I really don't want to sleep alone and he's the best I've got. I won't go to sleep yet, so it's a bit risky taking him already, he might not want to stay, but life's all about taking risks, right? Maybe I should stop taking such big risks all the time... hm?

Anyway, my sister told me I have another driving test on Tuesday... is that really so cause I didn't know that. Help! And my lower back isn't cracking. And my arms hurt. I don't know why. It's really weird. Just very annoying. And I'm hungry. I'll go make a sandwich and then I'll come back here to my bed and my cat (who's taking up seemingly all the bed which is a bit weird considering it's 210 cm across). And there's fresh tea too.

Oh my god, I've started babbling again. So I'm going to make that sandwich now, see you tomorrow.


I really suck, I haven't done anything today... blä.


I'm awake, I went to bed shortly after my last post. Sleeping went well, I guess I was tired enough. And now I'm hungry. But I've gotten spoiled and I am too lazy to cook anything. And on today's schedule is reading and picking up some things from the floor that I took out of my bag. I hate unpacking but I sat down and did it now anyway. Just a little proud.


Hey, it's me again. Sorry =)

I laid down to sleep but I couldn't, cause when I close my eyes I just want to go back. I don't want to sleep alone, I forgot how it's done... God, I hate this. We need to stop being apart for real soon. He should move here, hehe.


I'm still awake. I was tired two hours ago but I got stuck here, by my computer. Watching Paradise Hotel ^^

Anyway, my head hurts from crying and I'm hungry. I ate on the plane but it wasn't enough to last all night (before that I'd only eaten a Bounty so...). My sister had made some Veggie burgers that I tried when I came home, but after one bite it ended up being dog food... Sorry, sis.

Anyway, I have one last episode to watch now and I brought some tea and some Digestive crackers to still my hunger.

*I'm glad to be home I'm just not glad to be alone*

@ home

And so I'm back home. Not so nice. I want back to my Maher <3

Stupid long distance...

Good bye Sverige!

Good bye Sverige!

I'm getting ready to go to the airport now. I think I have everything with me that I'm supposed to have. I feel great and I'm very excited. So, I'll see you in a week, have a great time everyone. I know I will =)

Going to my much loved Tunisia - and my much loved Maher of course <3

14:40, 11 hours

I have nothing to do so I might as well write here. See it as a preparation for the coming week, since I'll be gone and won't be updating. I am now painting my finger nails. I've done the first layer. But I think that it's not so much left in the bottle. And if that's the case then I must say that I've never used a whole bottle of nail polish before! 2010 is full of surprises and new experienses =P

New year

I made a collage of the fireworks (and a bit of ego pics) from last night. I actually managed to get some good shots of the fireworks, which I absolutely didn't think I would. =) 


Good morning everyone!

I'm in a great mood, cause today is the day. The d-day. Haha. No, I'm just kidding. But I'm leaving today, the flight takes off at 9 pm. We're supposed to be there around seven to check in the bag and stuff. And I will be in Monastir airport at 00:50 (so tomorrow).

I have just gotten out of a long, nice shower so feel very fresh and very awake. And my current location is the floor in  my room. But it's not so weird as it sounds cause I'm sitting on my new, wonderful long pile rug. And I just love it. I've wanted one for quite some time and finally Santa had mercy on me =P

I still have some things to pack and I've got to eat something cause I haven't done that today yet (although I did eat up yesterday at Amanda's, so I shouldn't have to eat today ^^)

Well, I'll drop by again before I leave, maybe many times, who knows? =)


Happy New Year! I'm sitting with Amanda and Josefin and having a nice time but I need to go home soon =(

But you know what? I'm going to see Maher tonight!!!!!!!

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