I've been negelcting again! But I guess it doesn't really matter cause no one's reading anyway.

August is coming closer and I have to admit that I'm scared. Moslty because I've made a promise that is going to be very hard to keep. I want to keep it, I want nothing more but I'm not really sure how I'm going to pull that off.

Enjoy your evening, everybody!

Thank god it's friday!

I spent 6 hours at the golf course today, but I didn't play. I was caddie for my dad. I thought that it's a nice way to repay him for things. And I put on sun screen literally all the time! But I still managed to get burned. Amazing. And I thought this morning that the day would be really bad, cause I was so clumsy - or maybe it was just bad luck. It started with me poking my self in the eye while drying my hair after taking a shower. And I poked quite hard so it hurt really bad. Then I hit my head in the ceiling - you know I have a tilted ceiling (whatever you call it in English). And then I hit my toe, and a few minutes later I step on a branch that my dog left right outside the door. Stupid morning.

But I'm quite happy anyway, there was no more misfortunes this day, if you don't count my burned skin, that is...


Looks like I screwed this up too. I see the best thing I've ever had just falling into pieces, and I'm not sure we can fix it anymore.

But at least he agreed to meet me, but that's only because he's the best guy that ever existed.

one of those days

We're a few weeks in to the summer. Really, what happened to the time? Soon it will be August, and we will have started school yet again. But at least it's for the last time. It's actually my last summer break ever. Isn't that a little weird? Today, I just want to do nothing, maybe read a book, I have a few waiting for me. But my mother wants me to come with her to the golf course. I don't want to, but she always makes me feel so guilty whenever I don't go...

Have a nice day!

Sisters apartment

I just got a call from my sister, saying she wants me to come over. So I'm going to her place for the first time. I'll upload some pictures later...


I'm kind of waiting for my boyfriend to finish work, cause I have something I want to apologize for. And my face hurts, I burned it on the golf course yesterday even though I put on sunscreen all the time. Well, what do you do?


I have been watching Megavideo all day. Not all day, but for a few hours (god it still sounds so bad!). It really is the best format, they offer great quality and mostly it isn't buffering. The only problem is that after you've watched it for 72 minutes you have to wait 54 minutes before you can watch again. Of course you can become a member and pay money to get full access, but I won't do that.

Anyway, I actually went to practice today. Yeah, I admit it was kind of fun and I know why I love this sport. But all those things that made me question it is still there and I don't know whether I'm able to overlook them...


It's Tuesday morning and I woke up and found the sun! It has been missing for quite some time now so it was a pleasant surprise. I went back to my bed after making some breakfast. I happened to burn a piece of bread, but I were a little more successful on my second try. This is nice, laying in bed with some nice breakfast, a cup of tea and my computer, while feeling the soft fabric from my sheets surrounding me. There's only one thing missing...

Monday evening

The day is coming to and end.

I spend a few hours on the golf course preparing for the competition on Wednesday. It was not so good, I actually started crying at one point. It was only because I was so tired of not having anything to look forward to. And to be honest, I'm getting a little tired of golf. But that's still not official so....

But I called Maher around eight today. He didn't answer the first time but I tried calling him back and he answered. He said he was working and hung up really quickly. I guess that means he got his job back? I'm really glad that it is so, cause I was really upset about him loosing it...


Quite a day, huh? I stayed in bed for a long time watching Sex and the City on my computer, and then I got up and I've mostly been sitting doing nothing on internet. And while I was eating dinner I got a text from my boyfriend saying he had a fight with his boss and that he got fired. Well, I'm hoping that he will get his job back but I don't think that will happen, unfortunately. My boyfriend doesn't really care cause he hated it anyway, but I want him to keep working there so I'm hoping they will find a solution to whatever they were fighting about (he didn't seem to know, really - but maybe he just doesn't want to tell me....).

Well, I'm going to bed. Me and S and E are going to some golf course to play tomorrow, cause we have a competition there on Wednesday.

The City

I went to bed really late, after waiting for 15 hours I gave up. So I woke up at twelve, very unlike me. And since then I've just been laying in the couch watching The City marathon all day. Completely tragic. I mean, The City is kind of fun, but laying there all day? And The Hills is better.

Let's see how long I will be waiting tonight? I'm just so over every single detail in my life. It's not heading the way I want it to.

Olivia, Whitney and Erin from The City. My occupation for the day...
the city

"So am I still waiting..."

The last day of the semester came to an end and since then I've been doing nothing but waiting. I thought I'd be waiting for eleven, maybe twelve hours, but it's thirteen now. What's wrong with me? I'm waiting for something that will never be anything real and it will only end in tears and more tears. But I can't just end it right away, I have to give it a chance. Cause it deserves a chance.

Well, I'm not looking forward to this summer, a summer of sitting around doing nothing and a summer in which I will break many hearts.


The reason to my absence is simple - I'm getting tired of writing the same things over and over again. I miss him so much and it's all I can think of...

But now schools coming to an end. Just one more year and then I'll be done with this shit. Then my life will really start. I have to start figuring out what to do for a living, get an education and start working.
   Usually I love the summer, it means playing a lot of golf and being out in the warm sun, just doing the things you want to do. But now, I'm just seeing endless days lying around in agony hoping for time to pass faster. I don't even care about my golf anymore. Maybe I should try to find a job?

Study in Tunis?

I hapened to read that the city Monastir in Tunisia was a big University town. So I started looking up some Universities and I found two that sounded interesting. There was one with Modern Language, which I am very interested in and there was one with... Okay, I can't remember the second. But the modern language was really interesting. They had general Arabic, Tunisian Arabic, French, German, English, Italian. I don't really remember everything but my interest was in Arabic and French.

I don't even know what will happen between us, but it's good to think ahead, isn't it?

stupid chord, stupid parents

I knew it! The chord to my computer finally broke completely so in a little while the battery will die and I won't get it back until Wednesday. It's just so tiring that I've been telling my parents about this chord for over a month, but they can't buy one until it's already too late. Often I don't exactly need it, but now I do, cause I have school stuff on it. =(

Stupid Stupid Stupid.

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