New Years Eve

I'm going to Amanda very soon. I tried curling my hair but I failed miserably. Maybe because I only have a straightening iron and a curling iron that's like a hundred years old and with the most ancient technice I have seen in a long time. I remember trying to use it many years ago, probably ten by now, and my hair got stuck. So I made a promise to never try to use it again. But tonight I said to my sister: "I'm breaking that promise now". And you know what? I got stuck again!

Well, I managed to free myself from the evil curling iron and now I'm sitting here. Still unpacked, sort of. I've packed a few things, I'm not sure it's enough and it's not cause I have forgotten to pack shoes. Okay, I'm not completely unpacked, but I'm not finsihed.

So, let's leave it at that and go to Amanda's for a nice New Years Eve. What are you all doing?


I still haven't packed. I have taken some things out so I have a slight idea of what to bring but... I have a feeling that there won't be time for all this tomorrow. And getting up early isn't exactly the easiest thing after New Years Eve. I'm just too god damn lazy to do it now, today. I guess I could go pick out a bag at least. I think I ditched the whole computer idea btw.

And you know what? My mother gave me a desinfection cream to bring to the trip, so that I won't get sick. Good thinking there, mama!


I'm trying to pack. But I have no idea what I should bring. Usually I tend to overpack but I just don't want to feel like I left something behind either. I don't know. I don't have any clothes. *sigh* And I'm thinking about bringing my computer, but I don't know about that either. I won't have internet access, but we could have it to watch a movie or something. Hm... but it's kind of heavy so I'm thinking it can stay at home and we can find out other ways to spend our time =)

Well, I should keep trying.


How come I am so bad at going to bed? It's not like it's hard or anything. Argh!

busy tomorrow

I'm going to bed early tonight cause I think I'm going to be so busy tomorrow. Counting everything it doesn't seem like that much to do, but I think it'll take a while anyway. And one thing I really wanted to do was to get a small bottle of Julmust to bring to Maher. Also I'm taking a lussebulle and a pepparkaka that I've painted with some icing. Just to bring a little bit of Christmas, haha. (And I don't translate such things cause it would just ruin the whole thing)

I have saved my finger nails so that they would be long and pretty (they're not really long just long to be me) but now they all started breaking so I guess I'll just go cut them all off. Buhu =´(


I bought a concealer today. You know one of those with three different colours to hide different things? I bought one from Lumene and it cost me 120 kronor. We'll see if it's any good. I am a little worried that it's a little bit too dark cause I have a very light skin tone, but but...

Christmas Eve

Does everyone open their presents in the morning? I know that's how they do it when they celebrate the 25:th, on Christmas Day, but I didn't think we did that in Sweden, on Christmas Eve. I know everyone has their own traditions but I'm surprised to see so many do like that.

The first thing I noticed was that our neighbours got a visit from Santa Claus very early. Like ten in the morning or something. Plus he was very scary, knocked three times very hard on the door (yes, I spy on my neighbours ^^). And now I read a blog about how they opened their gifts in the morning.

Hm... I was just surprised, that's all. We have done some things a little differently throughout the years, but we've never opened our presents before eating. Isn't it the charm of it, having them lie under the Christmas tree all day and looking pretty? Just waiting to be opened?

<3 my bed

I just love my bed! It's so cosy to just lay her. And my room is definately best in the mornings cause I have the morning light. And you know what? I didn't sleep alone tonight =O

Rasmus came knocking on my door a little after twelve tonight, and he spend the whole night =)


I can't remember being this tired. It's normally not something I am on my breaks. On school days yes, almost every day actually. But never on my breaks! I'm going to bed in just a little while and I've been fighting to keep my eyes open for quite some time already. I'm just going to finish watching Project Runway.

And you know what? I painted my toenails! I never do that, I can't remember ever doing it but my sister told me I have... It happens twice in eighteen years =P

Good night!


I went all the way in (proud) =)

I found a nice pair of brown boots, just like I've been wanting for a while. And it was 70 % off! That's a lot. So I got them for only 195 kronor. And I was looking for underwear, as I told you but there's almost only see through underwear in the store. I don't get it, why would you want your underwear to be see through? I sure as hell don't. But I found something. The thing I didn't find was a concealer. I found a few but nothing that was exactly what I wanted.

But I'm glad I went. And the youth center (isn't that a pretty good translation? It's not exaxctly right but it sounds good I think...) here was open when I got there too. Bingo =D

a descision has been made

Okay, I'm getting ready to go in to the city. I'm still very doubtful about what's best, but this way I can read on the way in and out and make some progress in this stupid project. I haven't read anything for quite a while. Why do I always have to do everything last minute? I need to finish the book before this break is over and I don't want to sit with it in Tunisia. But... you do what you gotta do.


change of plans? maybe...not...or...

Finally! I finally managed to wake up properly after the alarm rang the first time an hour and fifteen minutes ago. And I still feel like I could fall asleep in three seconds if I just laid down on my pillow.

I don't know about my plans anymore. I'm so tired. I thought for a while to go to Åkersberga Centrum first and if they had something good I wouldn't have to go all the way in to Stockholm. But at the same time I know they don't have much and I'm confident that I would find a lot more stuff if I just did get some energy and go in. But then I'd still have to stop in Åkersberga so... I'm not sure about anything. Bleuh!

sorry for the long post

I'm trying to find out if Ungdomsmottagningen is open this week (I have no energy to try to translate that, sorry). I hate going there but I have to. Stupid things. And if they're not open I thought I'd stop by the one in the city while I'm there tomorrow, but I can't find anything about the open times here and it wasn't exactly super easy to get to the one in the city. Plus it's probably full of people. And I think that our is full of people ^^

So, anyway. In to the city tomorrow! Looking for pretty underwear and maybe something nice to sleep in. But it's not my biggest priority. And I need a new concealer! It was a long time ago since my old one got empty. And this old one was a few years old and from a magazine. Hm. Very good gummisnodd. And with the money I got from my parents I can buy a new one! Yippie! And I'll also look for a pair of brown boots, I've been wanting a pair for soo long! Din Sko usually has pretty ones. But maybe I should concentrate on some whole sneakers? =P

Boy, I really need a job! Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to bore you with my babbleing. I'll shape up and write shorter next time, if you want me to of course? Please comment, you never do. Okay... I'll see you tomorrow. And I have to get up so much earlier than I'm used to =(



I know I just posted something like a few minutes ago but sometimes you just need to write more =)

I really feel like sewing right now. Just do something creative. I want to sew my New Years outfit. Maybe we have something old in the closet that I can remake? I know my sister has a pretty skirt that I might be able to use... Do you think I may? We'll see, maybe I can turn it in to a top and have the jeans that I remade a while ago... I'll definately give it a go. If not I have one dress up for discussion and I might even use the skirt as a dress with leggings under. 

the city and piercings

I did take that shower which was a good call. I am definately not as cold as I was before. I was thinking maybe to travel in to the city tomorrow. My mum asked me to do some more work for her, but I can do both. I like buying new things, I haven't in a while but I got some money from my parents on Christmas so I was thinking some new pretty underwear can never be wrong. Especially since it's only a few days left, haha =P

And I asked my friend if I could look at some of her old piercings and see if there was any I liked. And she told me I could so I hope she has something pretty =) Maybe it's not super hygenic to use someone elses but wtf. I'll just wash it with some disinfection soap. Thanks, Manda!


I was going to take a shower but I don't know if I feel like it anymore. But I'm so cold and it's my way to make myself warm again. Hm... We'll see what I'll do about it.


Today the weather isn't so nice. It's raining, I think and it's warmer so the snow is melting. And we all now what happens when the snow starts melting. And we don't like it.

I still don't have any plans for New Years Eve. Soo boring. I guess I'll just spend it on my room packing for the trip. The plane leaves at 20:15 January 1 2010. This is in five days. Jippie!

I've done some work for my mother and as soon as she gets back from the store I have some more work to do. It doesn't give me a lot but it sure is better than nothing and I'm desperate. Still no one who needs a hand with something? I'm good at cleaning!

Oh well. Have a good day!


I don't like driving right now. I think it goes bad and it makes me sad, cause I don't know what to do different. And I'm scared.

So why can't you accept that when you force me out I won't be the happiest person in the world?


I'm sitting here in my amazingly comfortable pyjamapants that I got from my boyfriends mother (thank you). I don't feel like changing into real clothes. Why should I? I'm not leaving the house. I'm barely leaving my room.

I've been looking for the chords to Du Gamla Fria Nord by Lars Winnerbäck and also a song by Millas Mirakel that I can't remember the name of, but I guess I don't have them anymore so I'll just look them up on the internet. See you later!

The guitar got some Christmas decorations too =P


A minute ago I recieved a text from my boyfriend saying that his brother is getting engaged. So I'm very happy for him, hopefully I can be there for the wedding ^^ Not getting ahead =P

But good luck to you Salah!

bad day - again

It's been a really lousy day that started with me and my sister watching a movie. I don't really like Action movies but she ensured me it wasn't too much and I agreed on seeing Gone in Sixty Seconds. But. But we saw it on the internet which means a lot of buffering etcetera. We have not finished seeing it yet. It's 18:15. I didn't even want to see a movie in the first place. And all I really want is to speak with my boyfriend cause I haven't talked to him for a while. I've been so busy with birthdays and Christmas and stuff and I haven't been able to talk to him. And I feel so lame for saying that it's what I want to do most, but I want to be able to do both. And today I really really really wanted to talk to him since I didn't want to see the movie at all. So it's just messed up. I don't need to go in to any details. I just hope my sister can come so that we can finsih this stupid movie and then I can talk to him when he shows up.

I hate long distance.


Good morning (yeah, it's half past one, hehe). Today I've changed my belly button piercing into the one my sister gave me for Christmas. Next time I'm going to change I'll go to a shop and ask them to help me. It didn't hurt or anything, I just felt very uncomfortable and dizzy. You know I fainted taking it, right?

Anyway. Thanks, sis!


The cousins are coming over for dinner, as usual.

I had a good Christmas Eve, but it felt really empty without my grandmother. We're all thinking about you and we miss you <3
   Got some good stuff, and things I wished for, which rarely happens, haha. Hope you had a good Christmas too, feel free to share! I'm going down stairs now, to see if the guests are here, but we're always late to each other so I doubt it. And my sister made a fruitsalad to have for dessert later, I can't wait.


I've made some paperstars. What do you think? I remember making some in school when I was 13 or something, and I wanted to make some again. If you want instructions you can ask and I'll make some, otherwise you can find it somewhere in cyber space =P


I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Flic!

She's in Thailand having a good time =)

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve for real now ;)

I have one more gift to wrap and I need to do this while my mum is away but for some stupid reason I decided to paint my nails the first thing I did. So now I have to wait for it to dry before I do anything.

But it's allright, I think I have time. I think. So maybe I shouldn't assume (cause then you make an ass out of u and me, as my sister would have said). I'll just go downstairs and make sure that the margins are on my side.



It's Christmas Eve now, i guess. But it's not really Christmas Eve until I wake up tomorrow. I'm going to hop in the shower now so that I won't have to fight with everyone tomorrow morning, cause apparently everyone thought the same thing, to shower in the morning. I was going to shower before we went over to celebrate my cousin, but then I spoke with Maher so that plan fell apart.

Happy Birthday Annie! (ok, fine it's not the 23d anymore but... and hey! I uploaded a picture! )

present time

I'm done cleaning for the day. And me and my mum made some more Lussebullar (won't even try translating it). And I have two hours to wrap some Christmas presents before I'm going out (out might be a little bit exaggerated, I'm going to my cousin for dinner cause it's her birthday).

I'll see you later!


I don't have any Christmas spirit what so ever, and it's Christmas Eve tomorrow. I've started cleaning which feels good, something productive to do. But it's still boring and with all shit it feels like it will take forever. And I've gotten absolutely nowhere further on my project for school. I'm just not in the mood, but I know I have very little time after this break so I just need to do it. And I'd love to have it finished before I leave for Tunisia on the first, cause I don't feel like sitting with it down there.

But I'm going to go back to cleaning now, and my cat is whining so let's see what he wants now...


I'm sitting here organizing music on my mobile phone. But it's not doing what I want it to do and while transfering it from my computer to the phone a lot of tracks dissappeared for some reason. Hm...

tuesday (right?)

I'm going down to eat some breakfast now, but I'll probably return to my bed cause it's very cosy here right now. And then I guess me and my sister are going to the city, and I do have another stop on the way home on which she can not come.

Auf wiedersehen! (sorry, it ways in the deal that we can't write in any other language then english or the nordic languages but...)

Dec 21

I got back a little while ago from my cousin. He turned 18 today so we were there to celebrate him. At the end I got a bit upset and my mum just left after trying to give me some sort of a pep talk. Not her strong side. It just made me feel guilty instead. I think I'm going to call Maher, maybe he can cheer me up?

Anyway, me and my sister are going in to the city tomorrow. I'm not sure why but... All I want to do is buy some candy to make some Rocky Road chocolate but... And if she let's me I'll go in and buy some underwear. I'll check in tomorrow and I'm really sorry that my updating has been very lousy lately but I just don't feel up for it all the time at the moment. I'll do better soon!

Good night


While I'm sitting here in our Christmas decorated home I'd like to do one of these lists. I do a lot of them but I rarely put them anywhere else then on Word. So, here you go (it's in Swedish though)

Nämn något som gjorde dig glad igår: Hm... tja... jag och Jani kristyrade pepparkakor, det var kul.

Vad gjorde du kl 08 imorse: Sov

Vad gjorde du för 15 min sedan: Hm... dammade tror jag.

Det sista du sa högt: "Det går bra" eller nåt liknande, vi ska dekorera granen.

Det senaste någon sa till dig: Mamma frågade om det passade att vi skulle dekorera granen.

Vad har du druckit idag: Mjölk och julmust (julmust is the shit)

Vad var det senaste du åt: En pepparkaka

Vad var det senaste du köpte: Hm... Det var nog pappas julklapp tror jag...

Vad är det för färg på din ytterdörr: Vit

Vad är det för väder hos dig nu: Det snöar och är jättefint =D

Godaste glassmaken: Vet inte riktigt, choklad är ju alltid gott. Men det beror väl på...

Tror du på kärlek vid första ögonkastet: Jag vet inte riktigt. Det beror på hur man definierar det tror jag. Jag och Josse hade en lång diskussion om det, hade vi inte?

Sover du tungt: Det har hänt. Men oftast gör jag nog inte det.

Drömmer du mardrömmar: Ibland, gjorde det inatt

Trivs du med ditt jobb: Har inget jobb :´(

Favoritklädsel: Jag gillar ju att ha klänning förstås men...

Favoritlåt just nu: Almost Lover med a Fine Frenzy

Vad ser du om du tittar till höger: En tomte

Vad gör dig glad just nu: Massor. Att jag snart får träffa Maher såklart <3

Vad ska du göra härnäst: Klä granen

Höger eller vänsterhänt: högerhänt

Humör just nu: Lite trött

Favoritgodis: Bubbliz tror jag de heter.

Kläder just nu: Leggings, pappas gamla golfstrumpor och pappas stora tröja

Sommarplaner: Vet inte riktigt, golf och Tunsien antar jag

Hur många kuddar sover du med: två huvudkuddar plus två till

Spelar du något instrument: Tvyärr inte,  eller ja... jag spelar ju gitarr för mig själv förstås, men jag kan inte. hehe

Morgon eller nattmänniska: inget ^^

Vad är viktigast för dig: Maher (oj vad dumt svar)

Är du kittlig: Jepp

Snarkar du: Lite ibland tror jag...

Stjärntecken: Lejon

Äckligaste insekten: Är spindlar en insekt?

Längtar du mest efter just nu: Maher, som vanligt såklart =)

Tack för idag, nu ska jag kila iväg så att mamma inte halshugger mig eller nåt XD


I'm going out to drive. I really really really really really don't want to. But we're getting my sister and my mum's angry with me so I want to please her. But I don't want to. At all.

Feel sorry for me. (=P)


How good does it do me that you tell me how good I am when it doesn't matter at all? Okay, you say that. But if I can't prove it and if I can't succeed this test it will never go my way. And right now I'm in the worst place ever and it was really the worst thing I've ever been through in my life and I'm not sure if I can go through that again anytime soon. Once, okay, I get that. But twice? No, it was really horrible.

Plus my head hurts.


Who would have guessed? I'm in a better mood now after I've been yelled at twice (maybe). I did some work, meaning earned some money which is good considering how much I've spend calling a certain someone in the last two days. Oops.

Now, what are you all doing this friday evening? (first day of my Christmas break btw)

company not desired

My friends are going out tonight and I'm not invited. Guess that means I'm really no fun to be around at all. But it's okay. I get it, I'm not that stupid. Of course it hurts a little bit but who can blame them? Just like with Sofia, hey, we should start a club or something ;)


I'm sorry for my abscense (and horrible spelling), I'm just not feeling well right now.

But I just wanted to comment on everything about the Idol winner Erik's girlfriend. I didn't see the final, I fell asleep. But I heard people talking about his girlfriend afterwards. But you can't seriosuly be complaining so much about her for coming up on stage? That's just riddiculous and I don't have anything more to add. Why was that so wrong? I don't get it... Please feel free to tell me why it was so bad of her.


One part of me just thinks it was wrong of them to put me through that, but I know that I messed up and it's all my fault, even though she should know wheither I'm ready or not and clearly I wasn't.

nervous as hell

The nerves are really starting to show. Drivers test first thing in the morning tomorrow. There's no way I can study for my math test on Thursday. Unfortunately. I really need to get VG at it. Right now I just feel like taking it easy. I'm going to hit the shower and after that I will go to bed. So I'll see you in the morning, hopefully with a drivers license.


tuesday 19 days to go

Guess what? I'm tired. Aren't you all very shocked? Falling off your chairs maybe? Haha. I'm just kidding. I need to sleep a little some time soon. I'm going to go watch the Buffy shows that I've taped and I know that I will see Spike when he's on the subway, from the intro you know? And I've been wanting to do that.

bye bye

I'm going away soon. I have a long Monday if you remember. Two practices in a row. But I'm glad I got to go home before them, normally I have school before.

Sophia and Sofia is picking me up in about fifteen minutes. And I wish I'd slept for a while. Just for a few minutes, it feels a lot better when you do that. And after that I really need to study, cause I have that religion presentation tomorrow. I hope Jessica wasn't dissappointed that I didnt' show up today, I don't think I told her that maybe I wouldn't make it. Sorry!


[PASSED] with big green letters. You can't imagine how relieved I was. I have never ever been that nervous in my life, not even when I went back to Tunisia.

And afterwards my teeth hurt a lot, I'd been clenching them too hard... And it didn't get easier seeing the two persons beside me failing their tests. But I passed, and with a pretty good margin I think too. Out of 65 questions you had to get 52 right and I got 57. I think that's good =D


Now I'm tired! I've seriously been studying all day since I woke up! The only breaks I've taken is for food and one shower. I really feel a big need to study more now, but I can't. It'll have to do with tomorrow morning at breakfast and on the way in. Now I'm going to sleep (try at least, I'm not sure how I'll do that). I've never been this nervous about anything I think. I really never learn from my mistakes, do I?

Wish me good luck, I'm going to need it!

a much needed break

I have a lot more studying to do before I'm even close to being ready for the real test. As it is now I'm passing the ones on the computer, but I don't think it's going to be the same at all. I really need to read the chapters I only know a little from.

But right now, I just want to take a shower. And I want to be able to relaxe with some TV before I go to bed. And then I can study on the way in and at breakfast and stuff. And a few more hours tonight.

A tip: Start directly when you start practise driving. The book isn't hard and it's easy to remember if you've read it a few times. It's just so easy if you've done it for a long time, way harder in a week. And tomorrow we will find out if it was even possible at all =)


I am studying non stop for the test tomorrow. I don't even care that I have a religion presentation tomorrow. I just really want to pass but right now it's looking dark.

I'm going to have a lunchbreak now and after that I quite a few hours of studying left to do. But I can't be up all night, cause then I might lose my concentration for tomorrow, which would be devastating. No time to sit around here being lazy.


Our guests just left. We had a birthday party for my mum who turned one year older yesterday.

And I promised you a picture and I always try to keep my promises so, enjoy!

Just a picture of the ribbon I had in my hair (which is originally for my lovely pyjamas that I got from Sabiha)


I've done some Christmas decorations. It's a lot more cozy now =)

And I'm sorry. I know I haven't posted any pictures for a long time, but I will. I promise. Soon. Tonight or tomorrow.

grades and stuff

Hola! Habla es spañol? Okay I'm not even sure that was right. I don't know spanish. Anyway, today I overslept, cause I forgot to set the alarm and when I noticed this in the middle of the night, I feel asleep before I'd finished setting it, leading to me not being able to find my phone when I got woken up by my mother ^^
   And since I was so late I didn't have time to eat breakfast, I always eat breakfast! And even though the hunger went away pretty fast I don't think I'll skip it on purpose. Cause breakfast is the most important meal of the day! And I do think that in increases your results in school and such.

So, school started with the Lucia train. But they weren't good at all. Sorry! And then history and then we had another seminair (do you say like that?) for the project work. I haven't been worried about it but my mentor seemed to be which made me worry. So now I'm worried. I do have the whole Christmas vacation to work though. It'll be fine. I doubt that I will get MVG but VG I think.

I really want to get good grades. Or, I do consider them good as they are, but I want better. I want more MVG's. I wish I could get it in History, but that ship is sailed. The ones I'm hoping for now is Religion A & B. Philosophy, Psychology, maybe Nature Science B. Whatever. We'll see what happens. I just want to beat my sister =P


Lucia tomorrow. Not really but in school it is. Which means I start 20 minutes later than usual. I hope they give us each a Lussebulle. They're my absolute favourite. I need to go to the library and see if they have Gregorius. But I doubt it and I really don't feel like a trip to Täby anytime soon =(

Anyway, good night. I'll be up a little longer but... you might not be, if you're smart!

found it

My dad found the CD. I tried to install it on my computer but I needed some number that I don't have. It's installed on my sister's computer so it's nothing to worry about considering that, but it would have been nice having it on my own. It feels easier.

Anyway, I have practice soon and I'll finish watching Buffy and then I'll get ready for that.


I don't need to say anything more.

thursday morning

In a little bit of a hurry. Haha. So what am I doing here? XD


I'm skipping golf tomorrow morning. I need to go to the extra math that's on the same time. I don't want to miss practice but doing well on this test seems more important right now and so many lessons have been replaced with other things so I have to go tomorrow. Cause I don't feel like I know this stuff at all!

Think positive - Christmas soon, I have only got one Christmas present and it's not much really. Why can't everyone just tell me what they want and then I'll be done with that? Is it really so hard? You must want something, is your life really complete?


How can it be my fault that the CD is gone just cause I didn't want to take it before?

it all sucks so bad

It feels like the biggest waste of time that I went up so early. I could have slept two hours longer. I really wanted to do those tests but the CD is completely gone. Hm...

Anyway, I just had lunch (oh my god, did I actually eat real food? ^^) and I'm going to school in a little bit. I miss Maher so incredibly much and I couldn't be happier that I get to see him soon, but then what? How will I get money to go see him again if I can't get a job? Anyone knows some place that's looking for staff? I'm open to many suggestions (except McDonald's).

stupid sister

I can't do the test cause my sister has lost the cd. Thanks a lot! God I'm angry right now, I need to do that in order to be prepared...

Where the hell can she have put it?

bed time

I've finally finished going through this drivers license theory book. I did more than 200 pages today! I'm so tired so I decided to sleep a little longer tomorrow and skip swedish. I have got my grade anyway so it doesn't really matter, does it? I know I should go but I chose to priorate my drivers license. I'll move on to some tests tomorrow. I'm mostly worried about all the signs! They're so many of them, so many to learn so little time. And they're very similar too. Not fair =P

Good night everyone! I'm thinking six hours tonight?


Bad day today. I was going to take a shower and then a nap but I called Maher and he said he'd be online so I'll just wait for him. That tend to take forever sometimes though...

busy as usual?

I'm home. My dad forced me to eat some dinner so I did and I watched the episode of Buffy online that I missed today (always). Practice was fun but maybe not so eventful, we did play a few holes in some stimulator. This was before I lost my putter. But Sofia found it for me so it was ok.

I'm going to do some more studying for my drivers license test on Monday (oh my god!). I'm hoping to do at least a hundred pages tonight. One hundred is my goal that I have to do but if I'm up for it I can do some more. Well, I better get started if I ever want to finish =)


I'm home for a little while. Just so that I could eat something. This morning we did a Beep-test, and for all of you who knows what it is, it's not what you think. It's worse. But it was a lot harder the last time I did it. Two years ago. Maybe I'm more fit than I think I am.

Dec 7

Good morning!

I stayed up til two cause I paniced and realized I had to study theory for my drivers license. So I went through 50 pages in the book before turned the light off and went to sleep. I'm really glad I did cause it doesn't make me more tired and it feels good to have done a little at least.

Have a great day, I won't be home until 20.30 or something like that, but I must admit that updates have been a little bad lately. I'll do better!


This evening I've studied very good. I should have done some math too but I didn't. Maybe I can do that for 45 minutes now... If I'm up for it. I do have a lot more pages to do before Wednesday, but I have a lunchbreak tomorrow and I finsih early on Tuesday. It'll work out.

Nature Science test tomorrow. I feel pretty prepared, I think I'll do fine. No worries.

2a Advent

Today I woke up at eleven, I got woken up by my mother to be correct. But I told her to cause I don't want to sleep the whole day away. And when I finally got up an hour later my dad took me out driving. It didn't go so well. We just keep fighting all the time. I can't wait to get my license.

Tacos for dinner tonight, nice. Although I would like to eat some shellfish. Oh well, tacos will do just fine.

Good night

I just got back from celebrating my cousin. We had a good time, buy we might have eaten just a little bit too much. I don't think it hurts doing so one night, unfortunately I eat too much every day. When I move out of my parent's home I won't buy all these unhealthy things. I'll just buy some fruits and that is the sweets I get.


I'm working for my mum today. Money! =)

I spotted some nice clothes when I was in the city yesterday, and this is a chance for me to maybe buy them. Or buy more nice Christmas presents. I'm voting for the clothes ^^

And tonight we're heading over to my cousins cause my youngest cousin (14) had her birthday yesterday and we're celebrating it today. Hope they have something really good to eat. It just struck me that it's just me and my parents going there. What's happened to my sisters? Isn't time running by fast?


Sorry for lousy updating. I still have problems with the internet.

But today I've spent the day in the city. First talking to Linköpings Universitet and then Luftfartsverket. After that I had my interview but I had some free time so I looked at some clothes and searched for some christmas presents. And the interview went ok I guess. They'll call on Tuesday if I made it. We'll see what happens.

Also I saw my sister for a little while. She got off at four so I went to her work and then we went to her house where we did absoultely nothing. Hm...

Enjoy the weekend!


I got home from practice all bruised. And there's still something wrong with the internet connection. It really really sucks big time.

So we'll see if it gets any better or not. I sure hope so, I was looking forward to actually booking the trip today.


I'm going to practice in a little while. I'm soo tired! I don't know why. I went to bed a little after ten last night. I don't understand anything.

Oh well. Need to go change. And mostly just find my stuff cause I'm not sure where anything is. But you know what? Nothing can break me down, I'm so happy right now. And it is after all Friday tomorrow and time for my job interview. Oh my god! What am I going to wear? :O

no internet

This stupid rauter (does it spell like that?) isn't working so I haven't been on internet all day. Sorry. It sucks but it is what it is. 

I hope it'll be better tomorrow.  

tears of joy

I'm so happy I almost cried. I'm starting the countdown right here and right now.

31 days left

I guess I don't have any reason for choosing this particular photo, but I like it.

tuesday evening

Got out of the shower and I'm sitting here in my robe. I never ever use it but I thought, why not? And I just added another layer nail polish cause the tips didn't have any color on. I thought I'd do my toe nails too but I'm too lazy. I feel like I should study. I should do some math, that'd be good. When I'm done at least. It's just so hard to work at home cause it feels like I need help all the time. But it'll work out.



I've just made tea so I'll sit down with it and something to chew on while watcing (hopefully cause me and the recorder aren't very good friends) Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had my driving lesson and I had to tape it and hopefully I've actually taped something, but you never know. We'll see.

yay :D

I have a jobinterview :D
It's with Securia. The company my cousin told me about. They called me within an hour and also the lady I talked to had met my cousin earlier today and she told me he got the job. So congratulations Johan! I'm going to see her next tuesday but now I come to think maybe I can see her on friday already. The sooner the better, isn't it?

Anyway, soon my father is taking me to Mörby where I have a driving lesson. I really hope I'll do a lot better than the last time, cause that was so bad. Hehe. Wish me good luck!

jobs and stuff

I don't have much time. I'm going with my father to the golf course to eat lunch (I finished school early). And after that I'm going to go in to ICA and see if they've changed their mind about hiring me. Since it's Christmas time soon, you know. And I also sent an email to another company, that my cousin told me about. So we'll see. I really want a job. Oh well, got to go

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